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Put the regular and needed maintenance of your HVAC system on auto-pilot with the Houk Maintenance Program. HMP is designed to provide your family year-round priority service, indoor comfort and peace of mind while saving you money and protecting your valuable investment.
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Houk Maintenance Program Benefits
  • Semi-annual precision tune-ups in the spring and fall
  • Reduced tune-up costs
  • 15% discount on system repairs
  • No after hour charge
  • Lower operating/energy costs
  • Increase system performance
  • Trained/certified/qualified technicians
  • Protects system’s factory warranty
  • Program is transferable to new home owner
  • Schedule tune-ups and service right here online.
  • Free diagnostic if system develops a problem within 30 days of last semi-annual precision tune-up

Semi-Annual HMP 27 Point Precision
Tune-Up Includes:

Check Temperature Differential
Check Volts/Amps on Motors
Clean Condenser Coil
Clean or Replace Existing Filters
Clear Condensate Drain
Inspect Evaporator Coil, if Accessible
Inspect Thermostat Connections
Lubricate as needed
Check refrigerant to increase efficiency
Test safety controls
Test starting capacities
Tighten electrical connections
Check burner assembly
Check gas pressures
Check temperature differential
Clean / adjust blower components
Clean or replace existing filters
Inspect thermostat connections
Lubricate as needed
Monitor flue draft
Test for natural gas leaks
Test safety controls
Test starting capabilities
Tighten electrical connections