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Tactics for Reducing HVAC Noise in an Open Office Space 1/23/2023

Gone are the days when companies had closed cubicles and office spaces where employees do zero interaction. Offices these days are more open, with ample daylight, ventilation, and better interaction between employees. It helps create a happy and productive environment that helps improve efficiency levels considerably. Apart from this, the companies also opt for this because it reduces their overall construction cost and allows them to accommodate more people in lesser space.

Though there are multiple perks of open office space, there is a significant challenge that people come across in this setup. These workspaces are more prone to the noise produced by the HVAC system as there are no walls or barriers to curb the level of sound produced. Even if your expert for heat installation in Allen places the entire HVAC equipment in a closed chamber, the noise will come out and cause a significant disturbance.

Tactics to reduce HVAC noise in open office space:

Choose the equipment wisely

You can find equipment that comes with a sound cancellation feature. These devices produce less noise than their counterparts, which can work in your favor. Furthermore, ensure that you choose the equipment that has a size accommodating your needs. For example, an oversized HVAC system would frequently turn off and on, and every time it goes for ignition, it produces a lot of noise. This harsh sound can distract your employees and cause a lot of disturbance and discomfort. So, pick the right size to eliminate the need for your HVAC system to get restarted more often.

Place it tactfully

Another tip related to your equipment is its placement. Avoid keeping the equipment close to the space where your employees sit and work. Additionally, the duct and the air handlers should not be in the wrong spots, as the noise they produce is extremely unwelcoming. Consult the experts for HVAC installation in your area, seeking their suggestions about the apt placement. Whether you want to redesign the building, change your HVAC equipment or do a new construction, these experts will suggest the equipment placement accordingly. Follow their recommended arrangement, and the noise will never distract your employees in an open office setup.

Use Sound Boots

Sound boots are a strategic approach towards reducing or relocating the HVAC noise. Experts use it during the installation process; the final outcome is an efficiently working HVAC system that doesn’t cause unnecessary distraction. The process is easy and quick, and if you hire qualified experts, rest assured that they will use sound boots to avoid distracting noises.

Sound Absorbing Materials

Modern-day office designs have minimal walls, but the use of glass and other metals is higher. So, if you want to reduce the noise from your HVAC system, opt for building materials that are sound absorbing. Ask your expert for heat installation in Allen to suggest the materials, and you will experience lesser noise without compromising efficiency.

These smart and proven techniques can help you significantly reduce the sound produced by your HVAC systems. The most crucial aspect here is appointing the best installation expert from the market with thorough experience in the field. These experts would create an efficient installation plan for your open workspace, considering the build and other specific requirements. Once you have hired the best experts, rest assured that they will do the installation in the best possible manner to reduce the noise and offer a comfortable environment.