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5 Common Causes and Solutions for Boiler Leaks 11/23/2022

Boiler leaks are the most common cause of the entire system failing and not providing enough heat in the space. It will cause lots of discomfort as the surroundings will not be that warm for people inside the room. Furthermore, the repair and maintenance costs occurring because of boiler leaks are spine-breaking.

If the boiler leaks happen at a commercial unit that requires a set temperature as a part of its manufacturing process, it will put the company at a significant loss. Therefore, they need immediate repair from the expert teams providing heating maintenance in Arlington to avoid any downtime in their manufacturing process. Additionally, they would have to spend a lot of money on it.

Is A Leaking Boiler Dangerous?

A leaking boiler is an extremely dangerous thing as it can cause significant damage to people and property. The leaking water would dampen the electrical fittings and lead to power failure in the entire unit. Additionally, it can cause short circuits that can cause dangerous fire outbreaks. Thus, it is fruitful that the teams take care of the initial signs of leaks or keep a closer look at the equipment to curb any chances of a breakdown.

5 Common Causes and Solutions for Boiler Leaks

If you also have boilers installed at your home or the commercial site, you need to know things that can lead to leaks. Awareness of the potential troubles will help you be prepared with the apt solutions and avoid additional expenses and downtime. Listed here are 5 common causes that can lead to boiler leaks.

Tube Corrosion

If the boiler tube corrodes, it might develop holes in it through which the leak might happen. It happens only when the boiler equipment is old. It catches rust over time, and that causes the leaks. The ideal way to deal with this situation is to replace the boiler tube after every few years or keep checking and replacing it as and when it starts getting rusted.

Thermal Shock

If you have ever tried to wash a hot dish with cold water, you would have experienced a sudden shock, which tends to weaken the dish surface. If you keep doing it more often, the dish might develop holes! A similar thing happens with the boiler. If the cold water enters the hot space, your boiler tube will get affected due to thermal shock, and leaks might happen. To avoid this situation, you should ensure that the water that enters your boiler has an optimum temperature.

Improper Water Treatment

It is one factor that most companies overlook, and it costs them a fortune at a later stage. The water they use to run the boiler is untreated, which leads to early corrosion and leaks. Not only this, this will increase the company's maintenance cost as their boiler will not work fine. Hence, the company should put money into using well-treated water to run their boiler and keep the leak complications at bay.

Boiler Scale

Scaling inside the boiler is another reason for the leaks. It might happen due to changing temperature and pressure inside the tube, which clogs it down and leads to cracks or tube bursts. It is simple to deal with this situation. You only need some quality products to descale the tube and ensure the smoother working of your boiler.

Incorrect Pipe Fittings

If you do not seek help from the expert teams for heating maintenance in Arlington, there are chances that the pipe fittings are not proper. That becomes another reason for the boiler leak! Thus, it is unavoidable to seek help from professionals in setting up the pipes and the entire boiler equipment to enjoy warm and comfortable surroundings.

These are the most common reasons for your boiler starting to leak. Hence, do everything possible to avoid these troubles to keep your boiler working efficiently. Apart from this, keep an eye on the boiler's behavior. If you see any signs of a leak, act upon it before it gets out of hand.