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Furnace Not Working? 7 Things to Do Before Calling an HVAC Company 10/19/2022

In the middle of winter, when there's no heat in the furnace, you might start panicking a little, wondering what's wrong, and rush to call an HVAC company. But wait. Not all heating issues are furnace issues. Some of these problems are usually false alarms, which can be fixed with troubleshooting steps. Check out this list of things to do before reaching out to a heating maintenance company in Allen.

  1. Take a look at your thermostat levels

Before calling for service, check if you have set the thermostat levels. Ideally, the temperature should be more than the current room temperature. Moreover, you should also check whether the system switch has heat or an auto setting. In an auto setting, the fan revolves air only when the furnace is heating.

  1. Check your air filter

Often, warm air comes out of the furnace, but your home remains cold. It is time to check your air filters for any dirt or blockage. A dirty air filter obstructs airflow and hinders the performance of HVAC systems. Clean the air filter and see if there is an improvement.

  1. Make sure you inspect all air registers

Some people carelessly or unintentionally have things lying around the air registers. As a result, it blocks the register and the airflow. Air registers are louvered holes or vents for air circulation and need to be open.

  1. Check your breaker box

Furnace issues may arise when you overload the circuit. If your breaker is tripped, turn the switch back on. Make sure that your HVAC system has a separate breaker box. It will help ascertain the reason behind the actual problem.

  1. Inspect the power disconnect switch

There is a switch alongside your furnace responsible for turning the HVAC system on and off. Perhaps the switch isn't working properly. You may have accidentally flipped it, or a repair man may have turned it off while dealing with a problem. Just turn it back on, and there goes your furnace issue.

  1. Make sure the gas control valve is open

Without an open valve, the gas won't reach the furnace and circulate any heat. So opening a valve is pretty simple. But if you aren't used to dealing with gas-related issues, call an expert and have them look into the matter closely.

  1. See if the pilot light is on

If your furnace is old and you have been using it for a long time, the pilot light may have a manual turn-on feature. However, your furnace will not generate heat without a pilot light, so turn it on or get help from a heating maintenance company in Allen.


You cannot ignore any furnace-related issues, but there is no point in panicking before checking out some obvious reasons. Thermostat settings, air filter, breaker box, etc., are the probable cause of your faulty heater. However, if your furnace or heating system fails to operate even after looking into the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, you must seek an HVAC professional. They will inspect your heating system and figure out the issue. Diagnosing major problems in the cracked heat exchanger, a refrigerator leak, or a blown inducer draft motor is a task of an HVAC specialist. Regardless, you can quickly get the problem fixed and go back into the warm comfort of your home.