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How to Protect Your Outdoor HVAC Unit from Bad Weather? 9/19/2022

Typically, homeowners do not require air conditioners throughout the year. So, when the weather shifts to a cooler temperature, it becomes important to maintain the exterior HVAC System. However, every year, you face hazardous weather. It leaves your surroundings in a state of the tempest. Such conditions have a severe impact on outdoor AC parts. Indeed, HVAC Systems usually combat extreme conditions. But humid temperatures, heavy winds, and hailstorms can severely impact the unit exposed to these conditions.

Extreme Weather Leaves HVAC System at Risk

Commonly, HVAC Systems consist of two vital components.

  1. The evaporator coil - The evaporator coil is on the inner portion, alongside the main AC unit.
  2. The Compressor unit - The compressor unit on the exterior area of your residence.

The compressor units remain exposed to rain, wind, and snow because of these two components. You need to take more care of this part to ensure the proper operation of the HVAC System. Sometimes during harsh winds, the remains and debris from fallen trees may enter the system and cause blockage.

How To Take Care of These Problems?

There are several steps to prepare yourself and your external HVAC System for unpleasant weather.

  • Make sure small items such as toys, plastic jugs, bags, and other light objects are not close to the HVAC unit.
  • Use mesh guards to secure your outdoor unit. A hail guard made of metal does a decent job covering the outdoor unit.
  • If you have trees near your home or in your neighborhood, get the leaves to shed and branches trimmed so they don't fly into your area.
  • The air conditioning & heating maintenance at Arlington recommends planting shrubs around the system to facilitate proper airflow and secure the unit from snowy weather.
  • Use an elevated surface to place your HVAC System on a height. This will ensure the system stays intact and away from pipes and gutters.

Steps To Shield Your HVAC System

In winter, the air conditioner requires special treatment. Of course, you can cover your HVAC System. But unlike any other protection method, an HVAC System needs certain materials that are compatible. For example, plastic is an outdoor unit's biggest enemy.

The air conditioning & heating maintenance, Arlington has following directions for you to follow while covering an air conditioning unit.

  • Always apply. a breathable cover to your HVAC unit.
  • On the top of the outdoor system, put a piece of hardwood. It will protect the unit from ice. A thin slice of snow does nothing to the system but check for blockage caused by larger chunks.
  • If possible, build a separate shelter to place your air conditioning unit. It will prevent the system from winter and provide cooling from the summer heat.

Maintaining an air conditioning system is not difficult. If you are aware of the steps and precautions to take, you can follow the same and ensure the smooth working of your HVAC Systems. It will save you from inconveniences and elongate the lifespan of your HVAC System. Moreover, air conditioning & heating maintenance in Arlington provides all kinds of services to prepare your unit for optimum performance throughout its life.