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How to Clean Your Window AC Unit without Removing It? 8/22/2022 Window AC can come to your rescue if you live in a high-rise building and lack a central air conditioning unit. You can fix your AC in one of your windows, and it will efficiently keep the area cool and comfortable. You only have to be careful about timely cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner. It is a crucial task as a dusty and dirty AC will not provide enough cooling. Moreover, it will also increase your utility bills significantly. Cleaning your window AC can be challenging if you live on a higher floor as the access wouldn’t be convenient. You either need to make a lot of effort and get all messy, or you can simply hire experts for air conditioner maintenance in Coppell. It is better to hire experts as they understand the job well and can do it for you in the least possible time and with utmost efficiency. However, if you still plan on doing the air conditioner cleaning on your own, you can refer to the tips we have shared below for better work efficiency.

Tips for cleaning your window AC unit

Unplug Everything

Your first step should be to unplug everything and disconnect the AC before you start cleaning. A plugged-in device can lead to a short circuit and may cause fire outbreaks. Hence, it is advisable to disconnect the device and then begin the procedure.

Get Supplies

Another thing you should do is gather all the supplies you will need to clean the AC. Get a screwdriver to open the units, warm soap water, sponge, fin comb, protective gloves, handheld vacuum cleaner, a piece of cloth, and all other essentials. Keep these things ready as you start cleaning to avoid messing things up.

Remove the Case

Use a screwdriver to remove the outer case of your AC unit and expose the coils and the internal structure. You can clean and wipe this case separately and start working on cleaning the interior part. After removing the case, you should use your handheld vacuum cleaner and clear the dust particles thoroughly for a cleaner AC unit.

Clean the Filters

The AC filters are easy to clean as you can take them out. If your AC filters are washable, you can put them in soapy water and wipe them off thoroughly. Once the filters get thoroughly cleaned, you can put them back in the way you pulled them off. Similarly, you can clean the AC coils, ensuring no dust or unwanted residue buildup.

Exterior Wiping

Once the entire AC is clean internally, you should reassemble everything and put it back in shape. After this, you should wipe the exterior body, ensuring your AC is clean inside and out. You can wipe the outer body with a sponge and soapy water. Moreover, do not forget to clean it with a dry cloth at the end. It might get challenging to do the reassembling. That is why most people prefer hiring proficient experts for air conditioner maintenance in Coppell.

Window Air Conditioner Best Practices

You know it is essential to get your AC cleaned timely or perform the cleaning yourself before using it for the summer season. In addition, there are a few practices you should also keep in mind to enjoy cooler air and comfortable summer.
  • Use your AC more often in the summers to avoid mold build-up. The more you use it, the lesser its chances of getting dirty.
  • When not in use, you should keep your window AC covered and closed to prevent dust particles from entering it.
  • If possible, fix the AC in a window having less sun exposure. Prolonged sun exposure is a cause of inefficient performance.
Using these simple tips, you can clean your AC unit thoroughly and enjoy efficient cooling with a check on your utility bill. If you find it all daunting to do the cleaning yourself, consider hiring experts who can do the job for you. Stay informed and take your decision wisely to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere at home.

FAQs related to window AC cleaning

1 - What are the risks involved in DIY cleaning?

If you are naïve, you may spray the wrong products on coils, causing damage to them. Additionally, you may fit the parts inappropriately, affecting the functioning of your AC unit.

2 - What should be the frequency of cleaning?

You can clean your AC after every season change to ensure proper airflow and smoother functioning. However, cleaning before the onset of summer is essential.

3 - What is the need to clean an AC?

You need to clean your air conditioner as dirt accumulation can affect its cooling efficiency. Additionally, mold that grows in dirty areas will cause a foul smell, which makes it impossible to use AC.