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Ductless Mini-Split Cooling Systems vs. Window Air Conditioners for Home: Pros and Cons 5/25/2022

If you are living in an older home, you are probably dealing with the annual window air conditioner ritual. Cleaning and maintaining the air conditioners is a tedious task. You need to bring them out of storage, drag them around the house, clean them and perform air conditioner installation. For all this, you get cooling with sound effects louder than your television and an electric bill that is the highest at any time of the year.

Window Air Conditioners vs. Ductless Mini-Split Cooling Systems: What are they?

Understanding the unique features and constraints of each type helps you decide on the best air conditioner.

Window Air Conditioners-

A window air conditioner is the simplest air conditioning unit with all the components in a single box or casing. The air conditioner requires mounting or installing a window and plugs in a traditional electrical outlet. Often most homeowners find it convenient, as they can move it from one window to another.

The Benefits:

  • Low cost- The first major advantage of window air conditioners is low prices and affordable costs. Furthermore, the operation is also affordable.
  • Easy installation - Besides being affordable, the window air conditioner installation in Grapevine is hassle-free. While the process differs slightly depending on the model, installation involves a straightforward process.
  • Excellent for supplemental cooling - It is a cooling strategy opted for by most homeowners to save money on energy bills. In addition, these air conditioners offer an easy way of cooling multiple rooms.

The Drawbacks:

  • You cannot install it everywhere - The window frame requires bearing the weight of the system. Besides, it would help if you considered the exposure of the cables and electricity to the outside humidity while you go for the air conditioner installation in Grapevine. Furthermore, the AC will block the window.
  • Not energy efficient for larger homes - These air conditioners are fine for small rooms. However, it will not cool an entire apartment or house. If you have a bigger space, you will require multiple units for cooling the house.

Ductless Mini-Split Cooling Systems-

Ductless mini-split cooling systems or ductless air conditioners include an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. A refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring connect the two units. During air conditioner installation in Grapevine, the professional will wall mount the indoor unit. The unit directly delivers heated or cool air into the living space without ductwork. Often called a single zone system, it gives heating and cooling comfort in a specific area.

The Benefits:

  • Minimal installation - One of the greatest benefits of ductless air conditioning is that the professionals do not have to experience the hassle of ductwork during installation and ac maintenance in Grapevine.
  • Efficient heating and cooling - You can enjoy efficient heating and cool even in the most extreme weather with ductless air conditioners. Irrespective of the outside weather, it offers you year-round comfort and control.
  • Quiet operation - The ductless ACs have inverter control and variable speed compressors, operating on lower speed and quitter comfort cycles.

The Drawbacks:

  • High installation cost - The mini-split ACs are expensive to install. Although you can go for cheaper brands, they are not as reliable as the popular ones.
  • Difficulty in deciding the size - You cannot install any mini-split ACs and expect them to perform the job. To determine the perfect size, you need to call a professional and calculate the size.