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Tips for Inspecting and Sealing Air Duct Leaks Efficiently at Home 5/19/2022

Several components play an essential role in the operation of your heating and cooling system. Undoubtedly, air ducts are also on your list. After AC installation in Flower Mound, when you experience heating or cooling problems, you may suspect that you have a piece of malfunctioning equipment in your hands. Your air ducts often experience leaks, leading to various issues, such as decreased energy efficiency and poor indoor air quality. This guide will help you detect leaks in air ducts and seal them efficiently.

Signs of Leakage in Air Duct

The following signs indicate that you have leaking air ducts-

High Energy Bills

Often after AC installation in Flower Mound, homeowners experienced skyrocketing energy bills without any apparent reasons. Indeed, it is a sign of concern, as, over time, the ducts might develop holes and gaps, causing air loss. The development of holes and cracks forces your HVAC to work harder for a long duration, which increases your energy bills.

Your Home Gets Dustier than Usual

The presence of a little bit of dust in your home is acceptable. However, if you notice dust specks on your skin and your home feels dusty, you might have a leaky duct. Air leaks allow dust particles to enter the ductwork, which gets circulated in your home.

The HVAC Struggles to Maintain the Temperature

Duct leakage causes the heated and cooled air to escape. As the air fails to reach its intended location, your HVAC units fail to achieve the desired settings.

Tips You Need to Follow While Inspecting Your Air Ducts for Leakage

Enlisted are some points on checking if your air duct is leaking.

Visual Inspection

For carrying out a visual inspection of the duct, you need to visit the location of the ductwork. With a flashlight, inspect the presence of holes and gaps. Do not forget to check the insulation surrounding the ducts for the presence of damage, such as damp spots and mold. The presence of wet areas indicates blockage and requires cleaning. Do not overlook the presence of dust in the ducts. Mark all the areas with a pencil to seal them with mastic tape later.

Checking the Duct Joints

You might find the leaks along the seams, joining two ductwork. As the duct joints experience most strains, they wear faster than other areas. The best way to check the leakage is by placing your hand near the joint and checking if the air is escaping. If the air escapes, there is a leakage.

Look for the Old Duct Tape

While inspecting ductwork, you might notice the presence of old duct tape. The tape is often used to cover a leak temporarily. However, it is not a permanent fixture. Therefore, you require replacing the duct tape. However, the best solution is to patch up with a mastic sealant.

Testing the Duct Leakage

Suppose you want to find the leakage like a professional of AC installation in Flower Mound, your need to conduct an air duct leakage test. The testing method involves using specialized equipment to run a pressurized test and looking for the presence of air leaks through the holes in the ducts. The specialized equipment measures the amount of leakage in both your home's conditioned and unconditioned parts.

Sealing the Ductwork Leaks

After you find any leakage, duct sealing is crucial for better maintenance of home temperature. If looking for the best results, combine duct sealing with ductwork insulation. Alternatively, you can use mastic or aluminum tape for sealing the leakages in the duct. Using mastic tape, apply a thick layer with a chip brush on each duct seam and other leaking areas. However, if you are looking for a professional touch of AC installation in Flower Mound, the aerosol spray is an excellent option.