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11 Ways to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise – All Air Conditioner Types 4/22/2022

Everyone wants to avoid having an AC that doesn't work correctly through the summer season. Loud noises indicate a broken AC. In addition, a noisy air conditioner might bother and distract you. Fortunately, the noise may be reduced, whether it's a loud screeching, a low humming, or a periodic banging. Here are 11 strategies to quiet your noisy AC.

  1. Tighten Loose Screws

If your AC suddenly started making loud noises, check for loose screws. The screws securing your condenser may come free, causing the AC or the condenser to shake or rattle. This causes a loud whining noise. Thus, air conditioner maintenance McKinney is essential. Experts can spot such issues and rectify them before they cause significant damage.

  1. Check the compressor and condenser

The AC compressor circulates the refrigerant while the condenser releases or absorbs the heat. These two components are the leading cause of AC noise, especially if the unit is over ten years old. Noise is a prominent symptom of a worn-out motor and may indicate a new AC unit.

  1. Fence Your Air Conditioner

If your AC unit is neither old nor dirty, you may have obtained a loud AC unit by default. A fence around your cooling system will address the issue in this scenario. A little wall or bush between the AC unit and your home will reduce noise. Consider a 3-foot plywood fence. This will test whether the border helps reduce noise. If this method works, you can build a permanent wall.

  1. Fan Blades Cleaning

Other maintenance measures might be taken if the motor is not the noise source. For example, clean the fan blades. Dust might raise your unit's volume, causing the noise.

  1. Use A Smaller Ac Unit

Some homeowners choose AC units that are too big for their home, thinking they will save energy. However, installing a powerful condenser may damage your AC because it cools your home quickly. In addition, the frequent cycling causes early damage to the AC components, resulting in loud noise. Consult our professionals to assess your home's AC size.

  1. Replace Your A/C

If your AC is over ten years old and you've tried everything to reduce the noise, but nothing works, it's time to replace it. Contact our experts. We'll come out and inspect your system before recommending a model.

  1. Get A Sound Blanket

Soundproofing your AC requires something between it and the outside world. It's simple to soundproof your AC. Sound-absorbing blankets are inexpensive. These blankets minimize compressor noise by 40%. Consider the size and model of your AC unit before purchasing a blanket. Consider searching online for the best blanket for your air conditioner.

  1. Build A Surface for The Ac

You can hear vibrations from your AC if it is not stable on the ground or the wall. Place it on a solid foundation. This will reduce vibration and noise. Use a foam kind. The AC won't make any noise once it's properly positioned. To minimize background noise, use alternative strategies.

  1. Eliminate Water Drop Noise

Water dripping from an outside AC unit on a wall is feasible. Summer nights have you opening all the windows to enjoy the fresh air. Dripping water noise may be a concern if the outdoor AC is near your bedroom window. But this is a simple problem. Attach a hose to the air conditioner's hose and the other end to the bottle's aperture to silence the noise.

  1. Set Up Your Air Conditioner Right

If you can, keep your AC unit away from rooms you use frequently. Even if it makes noise, keeping it farther away will help. The size of your living room, bedrooms, and dining room will also be necessary. Consider putting it behind your house.

  1. Soundproof Your Home

Soundproofing your home is another option for a noisy AC unit. Since the AC is outside, consider soundproofing the key regions to reduce AC noise. Soundproof windows, walls, and doors. This will keep the noise from your AC out of your dwelling.