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Best Air Conditioning Options for Radiator Heated Homes in 2022 3/23/2022

Radiators are one of the oldest and most effective ways of heating a home. However, keeping such homes cool during the hot summer months is quite challenging. Installing ductwork for setting up central air conditioning costs a fortune. Thankfully, the air conditioner installation Allen companies can offer multiple alternatives to this problem.

Given below are the brief details of some air conditioning options available for homes with radiators: -

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning

Ductless Mini-Split Air conditioning systems are best suited for homes with no ductwork. Installing these systems does not require any construction to be undertaken inside the home. They are extremely quiet and efficient and can be connected to a smart AC controller. The users can thus control the temperature and humidity settings from their phones. They lower the energy bills and can be used for both heating and cooling.

Window Air Conditioners

Window AC units have emerged as an affordable choice for cooling homes with radiators. They operate on the same principle as other air conditioners. These ACs are available in different sizes and capacities and are extremely easy to install. It enables the users to choose a unit that suits their room size and cooling needs. Users can set timers and levels of cooling and can also connect them with window AC thermostats. They also offer features like timers and sleep modes to enhance user convenience.

Through-The-Wall ACs

Through-the-wall ACs are a great choice for homes where window ACs cannot be installed. They operate just like a window AC, except that they are installed in a wall. They offer better cooling by minimizing the chances of air leakage through window frames. Their only drawback is that installing them requires tearing up the wall and drilling space to fit them. The users need to hire a professional air conditioner installation Allen service provider. These ACs can also be paired with smart controllers to enjoy automated cooling.

High-Velocity HVAC Systems

High-velocity air conditioners provide the comfort of central air conditioning. However, they do so without carrying out bulky and expensive ductwork. The ducts are replaced by flexible tubes of small diameters. These tubes can be installed inside the walls and are also flexible enough to fit between studs. The vents of these air conditioners are also smaller and round, which helps reduce energy bills. In addition, the high-velocity air handlers push out the air with greater pressure for faster cooling.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are a great option for cooling only one or two rooms at a time. They are compact and easy to move between rooms, perfect for smaller homes. In addition, they may feature a single or dual hose system and offer all the features of a regular air conditioner.

Installing Ductwork

Even though adding ductwork might seem cumbersome, it might be the only option in some cases. The installation of ducts costs 30-50% more and requires tearing down the walls. However, installing ducts provides optimal cooling and greater efficiency than the window and portable ACs.


Each of the air conditioning options discussed above offers unique advantages. Buyers should consider factors such as the house size, budget, and installation costs while choosing an AC. It is also important to consider the cooling needs and energy usage of the ACs before finalizing one.