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10 Reasons Why Your AC Unit Is Not Turning on & How to Fix Them? 2/28/2022 Like any other electronic equipment at your home, you would always want your air conditioning unit to start serving you as soon as you switch it on. Nonetheless, any equipment is subject to malfunctioning, considering the intricate circuitry and components inside. Here, we have mentioned why your AC may not turn on and their solutions.
  • Blockage of Filters

If too much debris has accumulated on the filter; the system will apply more stress due to airflow blockage and eventually stop working.

Solution: Take the filter out, clean it thoroughly, and dry it before reinstalling. Also, you must regularly clean your AC filters to avoid the collection of too much dirt.

  • Issue With Thermostat –

Another prime reason why your air conditioning unit is non-functional may be a faulty thermostat.

Solution: You can check the cooling setting of the unit. If it’s working fine, you can further check any debris build-up or molten fuses inside it.

  • Main Switch –

As most people operate the AC via remote control, they do not have the habit of checking the main switch.

Solution: Check the switch first if your AC is not turning on. Maybe you did not turn it off, but someone else may have.

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker

Much similar to the previous point, your AC will not turn on if the circuit breaker has tripped. This can happen due to the overloading of voltage.

Solution: Check your home’s circuit board for any tripped breaker. Contact your electrician for further assistance.

  • Dormancy of Fans –

The fans might become dormant if your AC was switched off for a whole season.

Solution: Check if the fans are moving when switching your AC on. If not, contact professionals for Air Conditioner Repair Colleyville.

  • Capacitance Issue –

The capacitor in the AC unit can die due to overheating or power fluctuation.

Solution: You should never try to replace the capacitor on your own as it may contain a high built-up electric charge. Always employ professionals to do this.

  • Blocked Drain Pan

Drain pans may get clogged due to the extra moisture that cannot flow out, triggering the AC to turn off.

Solution: Clean the unit thoroughly to get rid of the blockage. Also, you should regularly vacuum clean the drain pan to avoid such situations.

  • Less Coolant –

If the refrigerant of your AC unit has leveled down, the AC may stop working.

Solution: You must contact service providers of Air Conditioner Repair Colleyville to mend this problem.

  • Dirty Condenser

The dirt in the condenser hinders it from releasing the collected heat leading to malfunctioning.

Solution: When the condenser is already dirty, you must call professionals for deep cleaning. Otherwise, you can periodically clean this unit for proper functioning.

  • Improper Power Cord

The reason for your AC not turning on can be as simple as a faulty power cord. This can happen due to wear and tear or overloading.

Solution: Check the power cord of your HVAC unit. If it is visibly damaged, please call the professionals to repair or replace it, whichever is applicable.


If you figure out any reason why your AC is not turning on, it is always helpful to contact professionals for Air Conditioner Repair Colleyville. They will address the issue and also check other underlying faults if any. You have the 10 reasons why the AC Unit may not turn on. Seek professional help to fix them.