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Safety Tips For Outdoor Patio Heaters 2/25/2022

A patio heater, also called an umbrella heater, is a radiant heating unit for sourcing thermal radiation for our outdoor use. Patio heaters are a must to take advantage of the patios in the winter months. So, if you have a patio at home, use patio heaters to enjoy the warmth on colder days.

However, many people believe that patio heaters are not safe to use. The reasons given are the chance of fire hazards or burns. But if safety precautions are taken, one can use patio heaters very easily.

Therefore, we have mentioned some safety tips to follow when using patio heaters. Also, you must go for an annual or bi-annual Flower Mound heating maintenance service to keep the heater functional.

Common Types of Patio Heaters Based on Fuel Category

There are three kinds of outdoor patio heaters available in the market. The fuel category includes natural gas, electric, and propane gas heaters. All these types are efficient in heating the surroundings of the patio. However, you should follow the precautionary steps mentioned below.

How to Use Natural Gas-Powered Patio Heaters With Safety?
  • Clean the gas pipe regularly to avoid gas leakage. Also, use a gas regulator for precautions. In addition, you can seek the assistance of a Flower Mound heating maintenance service provider for gas pipe cleaning.
  • The unit temperature may go high when the heater is on. Therefore, create a barrier around the appliance to protect children and pets from injuries.
  • This category of patio heaters can serve you longer. Ensure to switch it off after use.
How to Operate Electric Patio Heaters Safely?
  • These patio heaters are smaller and may trip accidentally. However, you can buy those models with the automatic shutting down system in case of a trip.
  • The electric patio heaters need to connect with power cables for operation. Therefore, if the cords are accidentally pulled, it may lead to the fall of the heater and cause damage.
  • If the electric current suddenly fluctuates too high, the filament inside the heater can become too hot, posing a fire threat. Heaters that stop working above a threshold electric supply are best to avoid this hazard. You can contact the Flower Mound heating maintenance professionals to elucidate this point.
  • Switch off the main electric connection after use. A patio heater with an in-built timer may be helpful in this case.
How to Utilize Propane Gas-Powered Patio Heaters Carefully?
  • These heaters may trip due to heavy winds, which are commonly experienced during winter. Therefore, you should buy propane gas patio heaters with an automatic shutting down feature in case of a trip.
  • Propane Gas-Powered Patio heaters are almost 8 feet tall. So, if your patio is covered, ensure enough gaps between the roofing and the heater's top surface. It will enable the generated heat to radiate and reduce unwanted risks.
  • If these heaters accidentally fall, they may catch fire on combustible objects. Avoid keeping any flammable substance, such as wood, paper, oil, etc., in a radius of 8 feet around the heater.

Outdoor patio heaters can be your companions if you wish to enjoy the outdoor scenery, especially during winters. If you follow the safety tips mentioned above, you can use these appliances safely. Avail the assistance of Flower Mound heating maintenance services to avoid any risks. Some companies are ready to offer you quality services and that too for affordable fees. Hire the best.