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How to Clean A Gas Furnace in 20 Mins? 1/17/2022

Cleaning a gas furnace could be one of the most challenging works for many, as it is time-consuming and rigid. Are you tired of looking for ways to clean the gas furnace easily? But now you need to look no further if you are looking for Frisco heating maintenance as we have all the details here.

A well-maintained and clean gas furnace helps you minimize the chances of any emergency repair, and it can also extend the lifespan of any equipment. As the heating season is about to end, you need to look forward to cleaning the furnace. Firstly, you need to gather all the tools required. It would help if you cleaned your furnace at least once or twice a year, and it indeed makes some sense to schedule the given process at a time while you don't need the heat. Once you clean the gas furnace, it will be used further.

Tips on How to Clean A Gas Furnace in 20 Mins: Shut off the gas and power-

You need to turn off the power at the breaker box and ensure it is safe to work with the gas furnace. Next, you must locate the breaker electrical power switch, place the off position, locate the gas valve, and shut it off.

Clean the exterior surface-

When it comes to Frisco heating maintenance, you need first to clean the outer shell to remove the dust accumulated. Next, take a rag, wet and wring it out so it is a little damp so you can easily wipe down the gas's exterior. Next, you must remove the gas furnace access door by lifting it slowly and pulling it out.

Remove and clean the blower unit-

Firstly, you need to locate the control panel and easily unscrew it if it is in the blower unit's way. Next, take the socket and ratchet set and carefully remove all the bolts which secure the blower unit in the given space. It would be best to keep the bolts in a given safe place and easily remove the blower unit slowly to avoid any damage. Take care to prevent any disturbance and wiring around the fan blades. You can also use a tiny stiff brush to remove the challenging deposits and vacuum for general cleaning. It is vital to clean the blower properly.

Clean the igniter-

You need to clean the hot surface igniter or pilot using any drinking straw. All you need to do is blow and dust away using the breadth until the area is clear. You shouldn't touch this part if you have a hot surface igniter. You can replace the furnace doors once you keep these parts completely safe.

Clean the flame sensor-

Under Frisco heating maintenance, you need to clean the flame sensor by slowly pulling it down and out for cleaning. Next, you must take an emery cloth, clean the surface gently, and slide the given part back into place.


If you aren't entirely confident with the system cleaning, you can hire an HVAC cleaning professional. This is because the individuals are well trained and have all the relevant tools and resources to be stress-free. This can help you save time and cost both at the same time.