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Tell-Tale Signs of a Failing AC Fan Motor in Dallas Homes 10/14/2021

The fan motor in an air conditioning system is one of its most essential components. It keeps the AC fan moving, moving hot air outside and cold air inside the room through the internal pipes. Thus, it is a mandatory part and requires utmost efficiency for the AC system to work properly. Often, due to depreciation or other issues, the AC fan motor malfunctions partially or completely. Therefore, it directly affects the operation of the air conditioning system.

A faulty AC fan motor will reveal some signals that the residents can detect. One must not neglect these indications and contact the technician for AC repair Dallas as soon as possible. It would help if you took proper action well in advance when the technician could repair the fan motor easily. If neglected, it may lead to a complete breakdown of the fan motor and the AC system. So, please find some tell-tale signs of an AC fan motor that is not operating at its best.

  • Abnormal noise –

    There are different types of strange sounds that you may hear from an AC system. All these sounds indicate a failing AC Fan Motor. Screeching or squealing sounds indicate the inability of the blower attached to the fan motor to accumulate warm air. You may also come across rattling noises from your AC system. This can be due to the disorientation of the fan motor blades, which are hitting against the fan housing chamber. Buzzing sounds, on the other hand, hint at an old and depreciating fan motor. A technician during his visit for AC repair Dallas can recognize the noise and its root cause.

  • Erroneous operation –

    You may find your AC fan motor not ceasing to rotate despite switching the system off. This improper behaviour can be a result of a faulty thermostat or a jammed relay switch. In either case, you must immediately contact the technician for AC repair Dallas.

  • Slow rotational speed

    If you see that the AC fan motor is rotating at a much slower speed, it is due to mechanical or electrical faults related to the motor's working. Precisely, the ball bearings attached to the motor may be loose, for which the blades are not free to move, or the capacitors may lose their charging threshold, generating lesser power to drive the fan. In both these cases, you must arrange for AC repair in Dallas to prevent further damage.

  • Irregular movement

    If the AC fan motor is failing, it may show irregularity in rotation, including on and off movements. The reasons for this symptom may be the motor's loose wiring or improper windings, or overheating of the condensation unit.

  • Not starting –

    Rust or dirt deposition on the fan blades can lead to the fan not working at all. If you find this issue, you must call your technician at once for AC repair Dallas as this problem can affect the working of other components in the system. For example, if the fan motor does not rotate but, the AC system is on, it might freeze the evaporator coils.

The above are some of the commonly known signs of a failing AC. However, there can be many other signs which will not be easy for you to detect. So how will one know? Ensure to go for bi-annual AC maintenance services to check the health and performance of your AC. Professional AC experts are available to assist you.