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7 Things to Check Before You Turn on Your Air Conditioning After Winter 5/31/2021 Your air conditioning system has been inactive for quite a few months now and will need your attention to get back to working with full throttle. You should better check on it before the summer kicks in so that the air conditioning is tip-top when the temperature becomes high. To ensure that you don't have to spend a single day without the air conditioner, make sure you follow the below checklist before they are turned on after winters. Following this checklist will maintain your existing system and avoid a new air conditioner installation.

Condition of the thermostat

Check if the thermostat is working fine or needs repairs/replacement. If it needs replacement, then go for an energy-efficient thermostat to save on energy bills. An annual inspection of your air conditioning system will help you maintain its efficient functioning.

Clean the condenser

The AC condenser has not been operational for months, and it might have deposits of dirt, dust, pollens, and leaves. Ensure you clean the condenser well and drain out extra water by flushing chlorine bleach down the drain.

Cooling coils

Air conditioning cooling coils are often called evaporating coils and are responsible for removing heat from the air that comes into your air conditioning system. These coils should be cleaned annually before the system is switched on after winters. If they are not cleaned regularly, it leads to wastage of energy and can affect the system's overall performance.

Switch on the Circuit Board

The circuit breaker for your air conditioning systems is switched off at the end of the summer to avoid any short circuits when the entire unit is not functioning for months. So, make sure you switch on back again at least a day before when you switch on the air conditioning system. Most likely, this is one thing in the checklist that you can follow on your own but if you face any issues with the circuit, then do as your air conditioning contractor to look into it and fix it.

Check the Freon Levels

This is the first thing that the technician will check to fix leakages (if any) because it is not consumed otherwise. Low Freon levels indicate chances of leakages that need to be patched up and refueled with refrigerant level for effective cooling. Make sure that the leakage is fixed before the refrigerant level is topped up. It is advisable to check the Freon levels even when an air conditioner installation is done.

Regularly clean the air filters

Air filters get clogged with dust and dirt, which needs proper cleaning to ensure proper airflow. A clogged air filter will slow air flow and burden the system to suck more air from the outside. The air filters need monthly cleaning even in a new air conditioner installation. It is advisable to replace the air filters every quarter if the air conditioning usage is frequent.

Fix the blower

The blower's fan blades should be vacuumed and cleaned so that it blows out air with full power without utilizing extra energy. Other aspects like tightening the mounting bolts and lubricating the motor should not be less important. Since air conditioner installation is not an inexpensive affair, these steps must be followed every season for the good of the air conditioning system.