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7 Ways To Make Your Heating System Winters Ready In Dallas 11/27/2020 Winter has already knocked on our doors. It is the time when the cool breeze of air will tickle your skin, icicles will hang from the branches, roads will be carpeted by white snow, and the aroma of Christmas cookies will fill every nook and cranny. The arrival of winter is also marked by making several preparations, such as taking out the winter wear, cleaning the chimney, ordering the firewood, and checking the heating system. If you haven't yet prepared your heating system for this beautiful season, let us help you with that. Here are the seven ways to make your heating system winter-ready in Dallas.
  1. Replace old filters
Start by replacing the old filters. Go to the heating unit and check the condition of the air filter. Ideally, you should change it every three months and if you haven’t done so, get the filters changed before the chilly winds freeze your bones. Before you go to the supermarket or hardware store to buy a new filter, make sure you check the old one's size. Also, don't forget to check the MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) of the filter you are buying. Try to find a MERV 8 or 10 filter, though a MERV 6 filter will also work. Always remember, the higher the rating, the better the filter.
  1. Check the thermostat
Reprogram your thermostat to keep the internal environment warm and cozy during the winters. To shrug off the worries of continually changing the temperature and high energy bills, consider getting a programmable thermostat that allows you to automate the temperature settings as per your need. With these kinds of thermostats, you can pre-set different temperatures for every hour of the day. For instance, if no one stays at your home during the central part of the day, the thermostat automatically drops the temperature. Similarly, you can set temperatures for days and nights. Also, check the thermostat wires carefully. They should not have loose connections.
  1. Check the burner’s flame color
Checking the burner's flame color is also very important to ensure that your heating system is working perfectly. Turn on the burner and check the flame. It should be bright blue. If the flame is weak or orange in color, get the unit checked by the expert.
  1. Lubricate the motor
Just like every machine, the motor of your heating system also needs lubrication. So, before the temperature drops, necessitating the heating system's need, check the motor and lubricate its parts with a good quality lubricant.
  1. Check for leaks
Leaks in the system allow hot air to escape in the outdoor. Hence, check the leaks if you don’t want to lose heat. Detecting leaks is a hard nut to crack. Call the experts who know the right tricks to detect the leaks and repair them as well.
  1. Seal the ducts
Hot air also escapes from leaking ducts. So, while you seal your home, also seal the ducts. Check all the ducts in the attic, basement, and walls and fix the leaks, and insulate the duct system.
  1. Unblock the vents
Blocked heating vents prevent your home from attaining the desired warmth. Check the heating vents across your home and if any object or furniture piece is blocking them, remove them to allow hot airflow into the room.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Finally, Now that the winter is here, you are surely going to need your heating system. So, do not wait anymore. Follow the tips mentioned above and make your heating system ready for the cold winter season.