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3 Warning Signs You Have a Bad AC Condenser 7/25/2020 The unit that helps to condenser the refrigerant vapor to liquid and cools down is called the AC condenser. This unit comprises various parts like a compressor, circuit board, condenser coil, tubes, fans, motors, etc. If there is a problem with a single or several parts, you know that you have a bad condenser. There are three warning signs that you need to watch out for, they are

1.      The unit makes abnormal or loud noises

When you switch on the unit, the sound is not very loud. However, in the case of a bad AC compressor, the noise can be extremely loud or even abnormal. In such instances, you need to call your HVAC contractor and ask them to check the unit. It is not easy to repair an AC compressor. Moreover, if you leave it when you hear a loud sound, you are only increasing your bill. In such cases, you may have to consider replacing the unit instead of repairing it.

2.      The unit takes time to cool down.

When the AC takes time to cool down, it is natural for us to check the air filters and clean them up. However, if the problem continues, then you know that you a bad AC compressor. Because of a bad AC compressor, the unit takes time to cool the place down. You need to get it checked to see if there is an internal or external problem. Sometimes, there may be an obstruction due to which the compressor is taking time to cool the place. In some cases, it could also be that you refill the gas/liquid in the compressor.

3.      The fluid of the unit is leaking very badly.

For the unit to function correctly, it is essential to have the right refrigerant levels. When there is a leak, these levels can go very low or may leak out completely. In such cases, you would have to either replace a part or repair it to prevent the leak.

Factors that can create problems

Now that you know the three main signs of a bad AC compressor let us examine the various factors that can result in such a problem.
  1. Dirty condenser – since the unit is placed outside, it is crucial that you get it cleaned regularly. This will remove anything that is interfering or blocking the unit.
  2. The Relay Switch is bad – this is an easy fix wherein the contractor will replace the old part and put a new relay switch.
  3. A defective motor – when you have a faulty motor, you need to get it fixed/changed immediately. If you do not do that, you pose a risk of damaging the unit even more.
  4. Dirty or damaged coil – As much as it is essential to clean the unit regularly, it is necessary to get the coil cleaned/replaced. The dirt and debris from the coil can also be a cause for a bad AC compressor.

A final note

If your condenser is making a loud noise or leaking fluid, you need to ensure that you get it checked on time. By ignoring the problem, you are only increasing the possibility of a damaged unit. The cost to repair a damaged unit is a lot more than replacing/repairing a single part. This is why you need to ensure that you look into the matter as soon as possible.