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How to Optimize Your AC programmable Thermostat? 4/03/2020

Programmable thermostats have various benefits over the traditional thermostats. From remote control to easier setting adjustments, you probably have so many reasons for investing in a programmable thermostat. One of the major reasons why so many people are excited about this new technology, however, is the potential that it has to boost efficiency and lower energy bills. It has been known long that adjusting the temperature of your home heating system even a little bit can lead to great energy savings. New thermostats let you take this concept to another level, giving you more control over your HVAC system.

If you still don’t have a programmable thermostat, contact the experts to upgrade your current equipment.

Use of energy-efficient HVAC

So, how can programmable thermostats are used to achieve a more energy effective HVAC system? To start with, simply setting a temperature in advance and leaving them alone will prevent you from turning the heat up on colder days and forgetting about it. More options of setting in detail also let you set the heating to go on at certain temperatures, turn off at certain times and return back to a normal state if it has been adjusted over a specific period of time.

Though, even the smartest programming thermostat cannot do the entire work for you. Maintaining energy efficiency depends upon knowing what proper winter HVAC use looks like first. One simple step that can be taken is to program your heat to turn down when you are sleeping or when nobody will be there in the house. Simply reducing the target temperature by 10 or fewer degrees for 8-9 hours has been shown to decrease HVAC energy usage by 16%. So anytime you can find to scale back the heat will help. Similarly, while most of the people set a target temperature in the 70s, reducing it to 67 degrees still feels comfortable to most of the people, while saving on energy use.

Get the most out of the programmable thermostat

With the basics of efficiency HVAC use in mind, the air conditioner programmable thermostat can help to realize even greater savings. In fact, the cost of an upgrade is more than the offset by the programmable thermostat savings that can be achieved by switching. Why is it so? For most of the people, these tips are simple enough to understand but actually remembering to turn off the heat or switch the settings when it is not needed is no doubt another matter. Also, a programmable thermostat can make efficiency more comfortable. Things like setting the heat to come on right before waking up so you don’t have to face too cold a morning while also saving on heat through the night can be done.

Tips to get the most from your thermostat

  • Install it on the interior wall, away from registers, windows, and drafts.
  • For better cooling experience, program it for a longer period.
  • If you have a heat pump, talk with a professional about maximizing year-round savings.

While the new thermostats open up a lot more possibilities for savings, it is essential to remember that they will not do everything on their own. If you do not apply sensible practices on heating, you won’t be able to use the programmable thermostat to its fullest potential.