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How do Replacing Air Conditioner Filters Save on Costs 3/30/2020

Just like you depend on the air conditioner to keep your house cool in the summer, the system depends upon you to function adequately, and this is where the maintenance of the air conditioner comes in.

Everyone in the business of cooling and heating stresses the importance of regular maintenance, how it can improve the efficiency of the system and save costs. However, unless you understand exactly how your system of air conditioning works and why it needs attention regularly, chances are you are going to neglect the maintenance of a unit.

To understand how important it is, you must know the basics of air conditioning and how the system works.

How do air conditioners work?

The goal of an air conditioner is to:

  • Provide adequate ventilation continuously
  • Maintain adequate air humidity
  • Provide cool indoor air at the time of humidity
  • Free the air from soot, dust, microorganism and any foreign particles

The air conditioner blows cool air inside your house. To cool the air, it pulls the heat out of it and blows it over the evaporator coil, which is, no doubt, a set of cold pipes. Now that you know about how the air conditioners work and its major components, know about the air filters.

How does the air filters work?

Almost all the air conditioners have air filter located upstream of the evaporator coil. It is situated usually in the duct system’s slots or the return grill and resembles a folded sheet of paper, which looks quite fuzzy.

The purpose of the filter is to remove particles in the air stream and therefore keep both the air indoors and system clean. As the AC works, more and more particles load the filter. The capacity increases the filter efficiency but reduces airflow and takes its toll on the air conditioner.

Why air conditioner filter changing and maintenance is important?

It is essential that the air filters get replaced periodically. Its frequency is determined usually by the dimension of a filter and by the quality of the air. Without timely filter changes, the flow of the air gets reduced and the performance of the system decreases.

  • Dirty filters can have a reverse effect

As the device starts to consume more energy than before, the energy bills rise. The entire system could be in danger if measures to restore its proper functioning, such as scheduling regular maintenance of air conditioners are not taken. More than this, dirty filters can turn to a source of pollution themselves.

  • Having no filter can lead to expensive repairs

While removing the air filter might seem like a solution for the reduced flow of air, specialists warn that it could cause a lot of damage. The particles and dirt that would have been eliminated by the filter will accumulate on the coil and leads to failure, leading to higher costs than a simple replacement of a filter.

Therefore, regular air filter changes are the best way to save money on electricity and reduce AC filter replacement cost, also ensuring cleaner and cooler air in your house.

Regular maintenance check-ups can save you from costly repairs

This is where routine maintenance comes in and owners have two options: either turning to professional services or replace it themselves. The replacement should be left to professionals because they can find easily matching filters at affordable prices and ensure installation without any fault. Call the professionals and schedule the inspection.