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What You Should Know About The Transition To R-410A Refrigerant 3/03/2020

Technology is changing almost every few days, and so we need to upgrade ourselves to be with the trend. When you step into the market in search of the latest models of the HVAC system, chances are pretty high that you will find the refrigerant that is used in new models may be different from the one that is used in the system you are using now. The latest models of residential HVAC systems rely upon R-410A. It is an advanced and eco-friendly refrigerant with widespread use across the industry of HVAC. If you check the market scenario, then you may see that R-410A in recent times is replacing R-22 refrigerant and making its place in modern HVAC systems.

What exactly is R-410A?

R-410A is available in the market using the brand names of Puron and Suva 410A. Well, R-410A can be defined as a refrigerant which is specifically designed to serve as an environmentally friendlier alternative of R-22 as well as for other types of hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerants. It was designed and patented in the early period of the 1990s, and its first application was seen in residential AC units in the year 1996.

The composition of R-410A's hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) supported it to stand out from its older version of the HCFC-based counterpart. Do you know that HFCs do not contain chlorine, which is an essential chemical element that breaks down the ozone into oxygen? Based on the latest studies, it was discovered that HCFCs is one of the significant negative impact creators on the layer of ozone when the same is released in the atmosphere.

What are the benefits one can enjoy with the use of R-410A?

There might be some reason which is encouraging people to opt for HVAC systems with R-410A. Here is a quick sneak peek of the same to share with you.

  • Improved efficiency. R-410A is capable of absorbing as well as move excess latent heat compared to R-22. It became possible because of its increased relative pressure and capacity of refrigeration. What we get as the end product is the refrigerant, which is more efficient towards heating besides cooling compared to R-22.
  • Increase in longevity. R-410A is known for using synthetic lubricants in place of mineral oils, and that results in causing less wear and tear of the compressors as well as other components.
  • Easy availability. Because of the mass adoption of the R-410A HVAC equipment, it made it possible for stocks with new refrigerants quite more comfortable to get compared to R-22.
  • Affordability: You will be glad to know the fact that HVAC systems that are using R-410A call for a low maintenance cost when compared to R-22 HVAC systems.

The key benefit of R-410A HVAC is that Unlike R-22, it causes no or little harm to the ozone layer.

As you can see that R-22 HVAC systems are getting replaced because of R-410A HVAC units, there is nothing for you to worry in regards to the prospect of the refrigerant leak supporting in crafting a hole in earth's ozone layer. If you are in a mood to replace your old HVAC system with R-22, then choose R-410A, and we are confident that you will find its benefits and contribution to the environment outstanding.