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3 Most Common AC Thermostat Problems Impacting Your Comfort 1/21/2020

Your HVAC system is known to be one of the most important electronic appliances in your home. This is the same equipment that helps to maintain indoor comfort levels all the time. Thus, it is your obligation to keep your HVAC system clean and well-maintained. Over time, many problems crop up in your HVAC system which intrudes on the smooth operation of the system. The most common problem that you face is the problem in the AC thermostat.

Listed below are the common problems that you might face with your thermostat of the air conditioner: 

  1. Thermostat not reaching the temperature that you have set:
One of the most common problems of an AC thermostat is when the thermostat is unable to reach the set temperature of the AC. A thermostat is considered to be the control center of any HVAC system. Upon setting the right temperature, you then expect your system to reach that comfort level within a few seconds. However, if your air conditioner is unable to reach the desired temperature within a reasonable time, there is a problem with your AC thermostat.

One of the common reasons why the thermostat is unable to reach the right temperature of your AC is when the thermostat is exposed to any heating source. In this situation, your thermostat could display false readings. The thermostat is designed to respond by the way of switching the system on and off as per the settings. But when the AC thermostat is close to a heat source, it kicks the system off upon detecting the desired temperature. This problem can be solved easily. You can get rid of the problem by not placing the heating source near the AC thermostat. You can even block the sun by the way of closing the curtains or shades.

  1. A thermostat is old and dirty:
Another leading problem with intrudes with the smooth operation of the air conditioner because of your AC thermostat is when the thermostat is very old and dirty. Old thermostats are always prone to a number of errors. This also affects the overall performance of a thermostat and causes a number of issues. As a result, your air conditioner becomes harder to maintain. The dirt so collected on your AC thermostat might be harder to clean.

Also, if you find that the reading provided by your AC thermostat is inaccurate, then it is recommended to investigate such a cause of the error. Thermostat becomes old and dirty and this is the reason why it is unable to operate smoothly. Particles could make their way between contacts and lead to thermostat problems. The easiest way to get rid of this problem is to open the AC thermostat and then to clean it using a soft brush.

  1. A thermostat is not calibrated properly:
Thermostat comprises of some internal sensors which hare factory-calibrated to make sure that the readings so delivered are accurate. However, over time, the readings become miscalibrated. This could lead to uneven temperatures throughout the operation of your AC unit. There might be problems with the distribution of air as well. Some rooms in your home might feel hot, while others might feel super cold. It is therefore recommended to address this problem at the earliest and seek help from a professional.

These are the major problems that are shown by your AC thermostat. It is always recommended to get your thermostat checked and serviced timely for good performance.