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Six Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips 9/03/2019

Timely and regular air conditioning maintenance can be one of the best and most valuable household chores, which may save you tons of money over a while. The initiatives and efforts will bring you more comfort during the hot summer months and you will also save on the energy bills and repair-related expenditures. The well-maintained air conditioning and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units last for long time and do not require early replacement. But the homeowner should always remember that dealing with an air conditioning unit has its own set of risks and dangers. For instance, the refrigerant may cause intoxication when it leaks accidentally. Hence you must remember to shutdown the mains electricity power or unplug the air conditioner from its electricity source before undertaking any AC maintenance work. A complete and full-fledged ac maintenance program (inspecting all parts of AC) should only be run by the expert and professional air conditioner service for repair, installation, and maintenance. Under the given constraints, here are 6 air conditioning maintenance tips that you can follow and get benefited.

Clean The Coil:

Your first initiative should be towards cleaning the coil. The cleaning agents are available at the hardware stores and other home supply centers that offer the sprays required for cleaning the front coils of the AC. The spray cleaners are also effective towards removing bad smell and odors that may come due to the deposit of mildew, dust and cigarette smoke. See to it that the spray does not reach the electrical wires and controls among other parts.

Replace or Clean Air Filter:

The filters of the air conditioner should be cleaned (if they are reusable) or replaced after optimal time intervals for ensuring good airflow and efficiency of cooling. During months and seasons like summer, the filters should be cleaned or replaced each month world. During the spring or the fall season, when the ACs are least used, the filter should be replaced or cleaned at least once during the whole season. The air filter is located on the top/bottom/side of the furnace or behind the air grill. They may also be located within the blower compartment. Filters can be cleaned through the use of plain water and should be replaced when they are not cannot be cleaned or are old. You can also use laundry detergent for cleaning the air filter if odor is coming out of it.

Inspect the Wiring:

After ensuring that the power to your AC unit is turned off and it is unplugged, you can remove the access panel of the condensing unit to check the wiring. Look for signs of overheating and melted insulation (burnt/blackened wires). Ensure that all the electrical connections are tight. For checking the capacitor, you can use an electrical test meter. When you find signs of pitting, you should replace the contactor switch.

Check the Thermostat:

For more convenient and efficient operations, you should switch to the digital and programmable thermostat from your older mechanical ones. It can also be used to schedule pooling so that you get a comfortable home after a hot and tiring day.

Inspect the Fan of Condenser Unit:

You also need to check the fan of the outdoor part of the air conditioner. If you find the blades of the fan to have any chips or cracks, the fans need replacement. Other than that, it is also important that the motor bearings of the fan get proper and regular oiling. An expert air conditioning maintenance firm will do all the air conditioner service and maintenance tasks expertly.

Clean the Area Housing the Outside Unit

See to it that grass clippings, dirt, fallen leaves, and other materials do not buildup near or close to the outside unit of the air conditioner. This will result in reduced airflow and also deteriorate the capacity of the system. Remember to unplug the AC before using a hose for cleaning and washing away the debris. Do not use a power washer as it can damage the fins of the coil.

You can also call a professional and expert AC maintenance service, a decision that will provide for a more reliable air conditioner. The serviced AC performs optimally, uses the least electricity and does not is more reliable.