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Costly Air Conditioner Mistakes You’re Probably Making 9/01/2019

Air conditioners and the more advanced Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are now in many ways an important and integral part of our day-to-day personal and professional lives. Our happiness during the scorching summer months may depend to a great extent on the performance and reliability of the air conditioners! The machines work to a much greater extent during the summer months, which puts an intense pressure load on their machinery and parts. Air conditioner breakdown during summer months has hence a greater probability. But our own negligence also adds to this probability and makes air conditioners even more vulnerable. For instance, if these machines are not serviced and maintained regularly under the guidance of expert technicians, they are more likely to fail in times when they are needed the most, consume the greatest amount of electricity, and have a shorter lifespan.

We may be unknowingly committing many errors and mistakes that not only deteriorate the functioning and life of the air conditioners but also prove costly to us. Below are the most and frequent mistakes related to AC use that you should avoid, and save on air conditioner repair costs.

Setting The Temperature Very Low:

Many people have the notion that when the thermostat is set to a very low temperature, the AC is going to respond faster or may be working with more efficiency. This is a complete myth. An air conditioner would be working with the same efficiency, whether it is offering cooling at a temperature one degree below or a temperature 15 degree below. Therefore, you should set the temperature of your thermostat at the point you want, and not indulge in unnecessary manipulations that may impact the health of your AC.

Inviting Too Much Of Fresh Air:

We randomly open our doors and/or windows so that fresh air from the outdoors can penetrate the insides. But the more fresh air comes to a home, the greater the warmth it provides. Hence the air conditioners have to work harder to provide the requisite cooling. When the sun reaches midday and the environmental temperature increases to attain uncomfortable levels, the air conditioners have to work even harder as the indoor air temperature is already high. Excessive exposure to outdoor air also leads to the indoors being invaded by foreign particles and allergens.

The more practical and better approach would be to go to the outdoors and enjoy nature, and not to unnecessarily open the doors and windows. You will find that your air conditioners provide faster cooling and also have a better life when you undertake these steps.

Improper/Inadequate Handling Of Dust And Dirt

While most people are aware that the air filters need to be cleaned, they do not do so regularly and also lag on a replacement. When not done replaced/cleaned timely, the air filter will get completely blocked with grime, dust, dirt, and debris. This results in the freezing of the air conditioning system, as no cool air comes through the filter. Therefore, you may notice a situation when, during the hottest day of summer, there is a huge block of ice formed within your air conditioner. The most expert of air conditioning repair services may also not provide to you a quick solution as they will have to wait for the melting of the ice completely, which may take up to 24 hours.

The best and prudent way is to regularly check and inspect the air filters, clean them when dirty, and replace them with their life is over.

Air conditioners and homeowners want their ACs to provide the best cooling while not undertaking service and maintenance regularly. Some may even compare them with refrigerators and expect the somewhat same level of cooling. The air conditioners can offer the best efficiency when they have been regularly cared for cleaned, oiled, and maintained by an expert air conditioner repair services that also do the necessary replacements whenever necessary