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Easy Things You Can Do To Avoid Air Conditioner Damage 8/30/2019

The best thing about the maintenance of an air conditioner (AC) for homeowners is that they have to put in limited efforts only. But these timely and regular initiatives and inputs keep your AC machines performing optimally, save electricity, and improve the longevity of the unit as well as its parts. Homeowners can only maintain and clean an air conditioner to a certain extent, and going beyond knowledge and capability is even dangerous. For instance, the air conditioners have the refrigerant or coolant that when leaked maybe a cause of intoxication.

Still, there are several steps that homeowners can take to keep their air conditioners in a better state and avoid damage to the AC in a safe way. Remember that proper precautions are necessary and you should switch off the mains switch of electricity before proceeding with your air conditioner maintenance plans.

Cleaning The Air Filter:

The air filters will get dirty fast and early when the air conditioning units are working for more number of hours during the day, as during the summer months. In other months like that of spring or autumn, the use of air conditioners for air modulation is quite low because of the pleasant weather and hence the air filters also remain clean and free of dirt during these months. Therefore, you should carry out the cleaning processes for your air filter depending on the time of the year and the extent to which you use your air conditioner. The cleaning will effectively remove dirt, dust, grime, and allergic particles and provide for better airflow and faster cooling. Replacement of the air filter can be done in around 3 months or depending on its state or usage.

Inspecting The Thermostat And Its Functioning State:

As long as you are getting a proper cooling temperature and air modulation benefits in your home, you can rest assured that your thermostat is in a good state. But an even better idea is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat and dump your older mechanical version of it. Programmable and digital thermostats have convenient temperature control features and are also more accurate in providing you a more comfortable living atmosphere. The better quality of thermostat helps towards improving the cost efficiency of the machine and saves energy.

Checking The Condenser:

The condensing unit of the AC is one of its most important and vital parts and should be in good and proper shape for your AC to be reliable and in the best state of efficiency and delivery. Inspection of the condenser may reveal to you many of the defects. For instance, if you find that the condenser fan blades have chips or cracks, you need to carry out a replacement soon. Oiling of the parts of the AC, like that of the motor bearings of the fan, is also desired as well, especially for the older units. An expert AC repair and air conditioner maintenance service carries out a complete and comprehensive AC service schedule that includes oiling, replacement, cleaning, and other important tasks.

Apart from these aspects, the assessment and evaluation of the state of wiring of the air conditioner are also important. Electrical test meters can be used to check the health of the unit capacitor. In instances of excessive pitting, a replacement may be required. You can also protect your AC from damage by undertaking the maintenance tasks regularly.  For instance, cleaning of the air filters, thermostat check, assessment of unit wiring and others can be carried out by homeowners to some extent. But they should not stretch their air conditioner maintenance activities beyond their limitations, knowledge, and expertise. It is always better to buy the AC maintenance plans offered by the leading and expert AC service providers in your area.