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Five Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips 7/24/2019 An air conditioner is an important investment for your homes. The comfort and luxury that any air conditioner unit provides during the summer season is certainly the best feeling. Just like various other electrical appliances in your house, the air conditioner, too, needs good maintenance and care. Air conditioner service is very important in order to make sure that the unit works well and save you from another unwanted hassle. Following are the five convenient air conditioner service and maintenance tips that you must follow after the installation of AC in your homes:
  1. Clean and replace the air filter:
The first thing that you must do during the air conditioner service is to clean and repair the air filter at equal intervals of time. You can also replace the air conditioner air filter if the need be. A number of experts suggest you purchase filter scans which will tell when exactly you need to replace the filters with the new ones. In all other cases, cleaning the air filters can serve the purpose. Proper cleaning of the air filters makes sure to wash away the dust, dirt, and all the allergen particles which intrude with the cooling process of the AC unit.
  1. Check for the components and wiring:
One important part of air conditioner service in DFW is checking for the components and wiring of your air conditioner unit in order to make sure that everything is working well. For this purpose, you must always start by turning off the power to the unit and disconnect on the outdoor unit or at the major breaker panel of your home. Remove the access panel on to the condensing unit to see if you notice any signs of overheating which include blackened or burned looking wires, melted insulation on wires, etc. it is equally important to keep a check on the electrical connections.
  1. Examine the thermostat:
Check the thermostat in order to make sure that it is working properly and keeping your home at the right temperature. If your thermostat is older and mechanical type, it is always considered to upgrade to a programmable model in order to avoid fire accidents and other unwanted troubles. A programmable thermostat always permits you to set the temperature right, as required.
  1. Check for the condenser unit fan:
One of the most important tips for air conditioner service is to check the condenser unit fan. Turn the power off to your AC unit and check the fan that is mounted on to the top of the outside condenser unit so as to make sure that it is in a good state. If you come across any kind of cracks and chips on to the fan blades, it is advisable to replace them. It is also important to perform oiling on the fan motor bearings if your AC unit is old and outdated.
  1. Clean out the outside unit:
A number of elements such as grass clippings, dirt, dust, and other materials usually build up on the outside of the air conditioner unit which eventually decreases the system capacity and reduces a sweet flow of air. Thus, it is very important to address the problem and to clean the outside unit of the AC. You can make the use of a garden hose to wash out all these debris. It is strictly advised not to bend or damage delicate fins present on the coils. The best advice is to hire a professional for air conditioner service in order to keep your AC unit in a good state.

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Air Conditioners are a necessity during the scorching summer heat and long summer months. Scheduled service and proper air conditioner maintenance ensure that you get cool and clean air, your air conditioner lasts longer, and there is the least consumption of electricity. An AC service should, therefore, be one of the topmost priorities of homeowners. The maintenance of the machine may be as important as the investment itself. Below are some tips that will help you keep up with the maintenance of your air conditioner.

Clean And Change Your Filters

The air filter of an air conditioner is responsible for catching the dust and debris, and to filter it, so that you get cool and clean air to breathe. The air filter should be cleaned at least once a month. If your area has lots of dirt and or construction, or your home has pets, you may be required to clean the filters even more frequently. You may also invest in the reusable air filters, which may cost of bit higher but can be used for long time intervals. Remember to buy two air filters that at a time, so that you can make the replacement easily at any time.

Ensure That The Coils Are Clean

The coils help the refrigerant of the air conditioner absorb heat and provide proper cooling. Accumulation of dirt causes the insulation of the coils, and therefore their efficiency towards absorbing heat reduces. When this occurs, the compressor works harder to provide cooling, which increases the electricity bill. The extent of cooling also reduces. You can keep the coils clean and avoid these adverse effects. The area around the condenser unit should be cleaned properly as well.

Check The Fins

Fins are attached to the evaporator and the condenser of the air conditioning unit. The fins may bend because of a number of reasons, which reduces air flow. Therefore, you need to check whether the fins are bet or not periodically. If there are bent, they can be corrected the use of fin com. You may also hire a professional and expert AC installation and repair service to fix the issue.

Clean the Area Around the Outdoor Unit

Because of the placement and position of the outdoor unit debris, leaves, and other substances may accumulate on it. It is also exposed to dust and other adverse materials. The plants should be kept at least 3 feet away from the unit and all the leaves and debris accumulations should be cleaned periodically. While the use of a power washer will damage the coil and the fins, you can use a gentle water spray to clean the outdoor unit. But remember to switch off the unit and remove the plugs from the sockets before you do so.

Check the Fan

The fan of the AC should be working properly to provide to you appropriate cooling. For inspecting the condition of the fan, turn off the unit. See whether the fan has any cracks or chips on the blades. If you find any such issue, you might be required to replace the fan. The AC service technicians oil the fans during regular service, which ensures their optimal functioning and long life.

You may also like to check the AC wiring, check for the worn-off and damaged wires, and inspect the thermostat as well. The ducts and condensation drains should also be checked and cleaned as they may accumulate dirt and debris. Hiring experienced air conditioner maintenance service is always a good option and the service schedule should run regularly and annually.