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Air Conditioning Repair Tips That Can Save You Money 7/01/2019

Proper and timely air conditioner maintenance and service schedules ensure that your cooling system does not fail during the scorching summer heat, is long lasting, and consumes the least energy during operation. While all air conditioner units and system owners look for the air conditioner repair and maintenance professionals during the summer months, they do not assume it of any value during other months of the year.

Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner System

You can increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system so that it provides better cooling. Some of the methods and tips useful for increasing the efficiency of your air conditioning unit are:

  • Use drapes and shades so that the direct sunlight does not affect the indoor areas. You can also have ornamental plants or trees near the windows.
  • See to it that the air conditioner maintenance schedules are followed annually.
  • Use the supplementary product for sealing doors and windows, and for protecting the air duct system, attic, floors, and wall surfaces.
  • Check the temperature settings of your thermostat, which should be around 21°C to 23°C.
  • Switch off the exhaust fans of the bathrooms and kitchen so that the cool air is not expelled out of the home.

    Air Conditioner Repair Tips: There are also certain do-it-yourself or DIY ways through which you can and fix minor issues with your air conditioner.

    Check the breakers: Breakers are found to trip when there are multiple lights, appliances, and other electrical systems using electricity and running simultaneously.           

    Check the thermostat: Some thermostats run on the batteries. Apart from checking whether the thermostat is properly switched on, you should also check the batteries in relevant cases.                                                                                                             

    Change the filter: Clogged and dirty filters decrease the cooling efficiency and increase the electricity bill. Clean the filter if it is a dirty and clogged blog, also replace it when required.                                                                                                     

    Melt the ice: If Ice has accumulated in the unit, it will not function properly. For removing the undesired ice, turn the system off and run the fan.                           

    Cleaning: Clean the fan blades of the outside unit and also remove all the dirt and debris that has accumulated inside or near the air conditioner unit. You can also clean the fins and blades. Use a soft bristle toothbrush for cleaning the fins. You need to be attentive and careful as the fins may be very fragile and may be easily crushed or bent. You can also check the owner’s manual for more specific directions. Be careful while lifting the box, which will prevent bumping of the fins.                             

    Check the duct: You can also gain access to the ducts and check whether airflow is proper or not. The ducts may also be affected by dirt and therefore regular cleaning is required.

Never pry into unknown areas, an electrical shock and accidental inhaling of the refrigerant may be dangerous and even fatal. If all the measures fail, call an experienced and reputed air conditioner repair and maintenance service. The professional services have the right set of resources and expertise to find out the problems with air conditioners and fix them for the long term. You must also enroll for, and buy a long time service plan through which your air conditioner is serviced regularly after certain time periods. This will also be a less costly way to keep your air conditioner functioning the best way, compared to the one-time repair and service schedules.

While buying the air conditioner, considered aspects like energy rating (provides for least consumption of electricity), and tonnage or size among others. Air conditioner repair should be carried out by expert agencies only.