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Top 5 Air Conditioning Problems Due to Faulty Installation 5/27/2019

Air conditioners are a source of cooling and comfort in the hottest summer months of June and July as well. The ingenious appliances get even more features with each passing year. But Air Conditioner installation should be completed in accordance with the prerequisites and guidelines. The expert HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) services can only install the ACs in a professional way so that there are no untoward incidences that may lead to a failure during a bad day. Here are some common problems associated with AC installation that may occur due to the incompetence of the techies or other reasons.

Incorrect AC Size:

The oversized ACs (for a given room area) prevent dehumidification and are also a cause of over and undesired expenditure of electricity. The larger units are switched on and off more frequently, which leads to the faster wearing and tearing of their parts. Therefore, an AC should be purchased in accordance with the size of your room. The bigger sized ACs attract the buyers the most but do not make for a wise purchase. An AC installation service provider may give you more clues and tips to decide on the best AC size.

Wrong Wiring:

There are also certain common mistakes related to the wiring of the air conditioner. The inexperienced techies may do sloppy work that may be a cause of problems later on, and the framework may be risky. The occurrence of exposed wires is another common problem associated with Air Conditioner installation. Therefore, it is always better to hire a reputed and expert installation service for your new AC.

Improper Weight Distribution:

Weight distribution is an important factor to consider, evaluate and carefully implement during the AC installation process. Installation setting evaluation and preparation are necessary especially when you want to install a window AC. The AC installation should be aided by sturdy support that can provide for reliable weight distribution. The L-brackets, wooden strips and other kinds of porous materials are used for the purpose so that the AC's position and seating are secure.

Lack of Insulation:

The refrigerant of the suction line should be insulated by the AC installation service provider during the time of installation. The efficiency of the AC suffers in the absence of proper insulation. The suction line should also have the right angles for the AC to work properly and efficiently.

Presence of Sufficient Space in Between the AC and Room Walls:

Whether it is a wall or a split AC, there should be sufficient space between the walls and the unit. This will promote accurate functioning and will also help the AC provide you optimum air flow.

Refrigerant Pipes:

It is important that the pipes that connect indoor and outdoor units of the AC have a right and optimum length. When the length is more than what is desired, the cooling cycle of the AC will get affected. Inaccuracy in the length of the pipes will also cause a strain on vital parts of the AC, like the compressor. Excessive energy drainage will occur subsequently, and your energy bills will increase.

Remember that AC installation professionals should consider the above aspects, to prevent undesired complications and adverse AC behavior later on. You can only trust an expert AC installation and repair service provider. Look at the certifications that the company has, and the resources and professionals it employs to offer its customers proficient AC installation and maintenance services. To ensure maximum life of your AC, buy a long-term repair and maintenance plan.