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The Importance Of Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance 5/27/2019

Preventive maintenance of Air Conditioners has benefits towards saving of cost and enhancing comfort, among many others. Preventive maintenance may also be known by the names like a pre-season tune-up, routine inspection, and annual service. It has been found that all kinds of air conditioning systems lose around 5% on their efficiency each year. Annual or preventive maintenance restores 95% of the efficiency of your air conditioning machine, and help it perform at its level best during the season. Annual air conditioner maintenance may bring many more benefits and have much greater importance than what you may think.

Prevention of unexpected AC breakdown- A small issue like and unclean air filter may cause grave problems and affect the major parts of the air conditioning machines, including the compressor, when it is not cleaned timely. The minor problems aggravate to attain greater proportions and cause the complete breakdown of the air conditioner. Annual or preventive maintenance deals with all the aspects related to the functioning and state of the air conditioner. These include lubrication, cleaning, checking, and inspection of various parts including refrigerants and others. Any problem is resolved at the earliest.

Longevity- Mechanical problems may cause the wearing and tear of the different components of the air conditioning system. Other problems like the presence of grime and improper lubrication may also exert greater pressure on a component and shorten its lifespan. Some of the important areas of inspection and control that make a part of an air conditioning maintenance checklist and routine work are given below.

  • Checking of condensing coil capacitors and contactor.
  • Checking of the compressor ampere and volt configuration.
  • Cleaning of condensate drain and filters.
  • Inspection and checking of the thermostat.
  • Inspection of vents and ducts to ensure proper airflow.
  • Checking for leaks (including the refrigerant leaks).
  • Lowering of cooling bills and better energy efficiency.

The monthly electricity cost of using an inefficient air conditioner is quite high. Regular service and air conditioner maintenance ensure that the parts remain in their best state/condition and there are no impediments or obstruction to the functioning of various parts. Minor problems including low refrigerant level, clogging of the drain line, and others deteriorate the efficiency of the air conditioner. In many instances, no repair is required but a conditioning, tuning and maintenance program brings out the best and optimal functioning of all the components and best cooling at least energy consumption.

Better Comfort- Air conditioners that are not serviced and maintained regularly fail to serve the basic purpose for which they are created and purchased, which is cooling. You may not find the cooling to be sufficient in the hottest summer months. Air-conditioners that are not maintained regularly fail to clean the air or remove the moisture. An abnormality related to the refrigerant does not let the air conditioner cool the rooms properly. Air conditioner maintenance programs, when carried out by experts, look into areas including motor, electrical, airflow, refrigerant level, and others to ensure that air conditioner offers the best cooling and comfort until the next maintenance program.

Preventive programs always reduce the need for a cure. In the case of ACs, it means that you may not be required to replace your original and costly parts before their life is over when you carry out the routine preventive maintenance programs.  You can buy a long term AC preventive maintenance plan and get servicing at lower costs, discount on the parts that are to be replaced, priority customer service and other benefits as well.