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7 Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them 5/20/2019

Temperature beyond 100° Fahrenheit is common during the scorching summer heat. It is no wonder that air conditioners run day and night at the residential and commercial establishments across America and in other countries as well during the summers. To get the most out of your air conditioners and to ensure their optimal functioning, preventive maintenance and care is a prerequisite. In the absence of expert care, strange noises, breakdowns. and reduced cooling may occur. When you want to prevent the sudden break down of your air conditioner and avoid sweating in the hot summer heat, you should know more about the areas that can be troubleshot to get rid of many of the problems associated with air conditioners. You will be able to avoid the cost associated with air conditioner repair this way.

Here are 8 problems that are found in the window and split air conditioners. You can troubleshoot these problems to a certain extent yourself. This way you can also avoid unnecessary expenditure and embarrassment that may occur when you call the expert maintenance providers for things you can do by yourself.

Dirty Air Filter

An air filter that is loaded with dirt and grime is one of the commonest problems affecting air conditioners. The drawbacks of a dirty air filter include:

  • Decreased efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • A restricted flow of air.
  • Laser cooling.

When you have a central air conditioning unit, it's air filter should be replaced each month. For other kinds of air conditioners, the replacement should take place in between 3 to 6 months depending on the usage conditions. The dirty filter is responsible for an ill-performing air conditioner 90% of the times. The air filter should be cleaned periodically and should also be monitored for its effectiveness.

While air filter problems are common to both central and window ACs, some problems are more specific to the type of air conditioner being used.

Troubleshooting for Central AC

Some specific troubleshooting steps for a mal-functioning or ill-performing Central AC include:

  • Thermostat- The new programmable and smart thermostats can be used to optimize the temperature and the cooling of the air conditioner. Sometimes sunlight falls directly on the thermostat, due to which gives an incorrect temperature reading.
  • Registers- Dust build up at the registers may also be a cause of problems associated with AC. That is why regular vacuuming of the registers is required. Also, see to that the other objects including furniture are not blocking the air flow through registers.
  • Compressor- Compressors also require space for proper airflow and hence should not be placed in crowded places. See to it that there is at least two or three feet of space in between other structures, objects, and plants, and your compressor. There should also be around 5 feet of vacant space, or clearance, in between the top of the outdoor unit and the plants, trees, shrubs, or any other structure.
  • Regular Inspection and Check Up- Do you remember the last time your HVAC (Heating, and Air Conditioning) system was inspected? An inspection by an expert, certified, and professional HVAC service provider and techies can find out many flaws associated with the system early on. Try scheduling the maintenance so that there are no undesired surprises for you.

Troubleshooting for Window AC

Some common problems are specific to the window ACs.

  • Hot Air Leak- if there are any leaks and the seals of the window AC are not proper, hot air may seep in and cool air will go out. Use weather-stripping for resealing the window AC configuration.
  • Sunrays- If it's too sunny inside, the effectiveness of the Window Ac will reduce. Use the curtains to restrict the inflow of sun rays.

Call an expert air conditioner repair service before the summer sets in fully, as you may not want to spoil your comfort and important processes because of a malfunctioning AC.