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Why Does My AC Keep Turning On and Off? AC Repair Experts Can Help 5/01/2019 AC is one of the important cooling devices which almost all residential and commercial properties have these days. In the summer months, it is quite difficult to survive when you don’t have an AC at your place.  There are different brands which are manufacturing this cooling device. All that you need to make sure is that you are investing in quality AC which offers the features that fits your requirements and functions well. There are certain problems which are common to see in AC and one among them is sudden on and off of the machine. Have you ever wondered why your AC keeps on is turning off after every two minutes? Or is your air conditioner fluctuating after every few minutes? The problem is known as short cycling and it is a big issue that you must not ignore. If not taken care of, you can be in trouble as it can rip your wallet with high bills on power and if you want to get it repair. AC repair Dallas can charge you a lot of money to repair the AC for short cycling.  To be very honest, there are many different reasons that can cause short cycling. It is not at all an easy thing to troubleshoot it without professional support. Here we have mentioned some of the important factors that can lead to short cycling of your AC. Check out to know more:
  • It can be because of wrong thermostat placement which is also known as bad thermostat. AC repair Dallas will place your thermostat somewhere in the central location that is far away from your home or office’s windows and air vents.
  • If your AC’s thermostat is placed anywhere close to the air vent, it can be assume that the home or office is cool as it gets the senses from the cool air that blows over it.
  • In a similar way, if you have placed it near window, it gets on due to the direct heating of sun around the area. It makes the thermostat sense that the home is hotter than it actually is.
So it can be due to the thermostat that you are facing the trouble.
  • Another reason can be the dirty air filter or refrigerant leak of your AC.
  • Dirty Condensor coils can also be the reason for sudden on and off of the machine
These are two of the most common problems that should be addressed every now and then with professional support. Most of the AC troubles detected by AC repair Dallas are due to the dirty air filter. If your AC has a dirty air filter or refrigerant leak the coil of the AC will freeze and it will definitely cause trouble to the functioning of the Air Conditioner.  We understand the fact that as a layman it is not that easy for you to understand the mechanism of the AC. So in case you doubt any problem with your system then feel free to get in touch with professional experts who can understand the mechanism of AC well and can resolve the problems in easy and simple manner. Hire reputed service provider of the industry to take care of such problems of your AC.