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How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer 4/05/2019

The summer season is almost here and one area where good preparation is required is the optimization of the functioning and state of your air conditioning unit. As time goes by, and until the next winter, the use of the air conditioning unit will only increase. Therefore, it is important at this point in time to get the machine carefully inspected and serviced by an expert air conditioner service firm. There are also many ways in which you can yourself prepare your air conditioning unit to face the heat of the summer better and with more efficiency. So follow the below-given tips and stay ahead in the game!

Change The Air Filter

An air filter change may be required for the air conditioner for a period varying in between two months to 1 year (depending on usage and other conditions) and the aspect is important towards effective air conditioner service. You should change the air filter of your air conditioner at the start of the season and ensure that the screen that catches debris, dust, allergens and other kinds of particles is effective, new, and provides for optimized airflow. The air conditioner’s compressor will not have to work hard when you change the air filter, as the airflow-related restrictions are removed. This provides for saving of cost and an air conditioning unit that performs much better.  

Make The Surroundings Clean  

Keeping the surrounding clean is not only good for your air conditioner but also for your health. See to it that you clean the lawn clippings, leaves, and other kinds of undesired materials and trash, which are a source of dust and allergens and may creep in your home interiors through the air conditioner. The particulate matter also reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner and hence its removal is important and a must. Any organic matter will break down/decompose and release pathogens that can harm your health. Therefore, also get rid of them as well as soon as possible.

Saving Of Electricity Costs Should Be One Of Your Goals This Summer

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, around 50% of the electricity spending in the USA is towards the running of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units and the air conditioners. It is important for you to save cost associated with the running of this valuable machine and there are a number of ways to do that. You can change your air filter (as said earlier), and can also clean the condensation lines, coils (that the outside unit contains), and the fins (you can use a used toothbrush). After accomplishing the task, you will get rid of the sluggishness and will have an air conditioner that works optimally and consumes the least of electricity. Also, invest in a programmable thermostat which will regulate air flow and will prevent unnecessary usage of air conditioning.

Hire A Certified And Experienced HVAC Air Conditioner Repair Service

The certified and expert air conditioner service firm will carry out a thorough inspection of the whole machine. They will lubricate the bearings and moving parts, inspect the air filters thermostat, refrigerant, and compressor, among other important parts of the air conditioner, and will also tighten the electrical connections. The complete overhaul also includes inspection of other components including capacitors, coils, and fans. The skilled and qualified services will find out all the loopholes and wear and tea0,r will replace any part that is not fit enough for work, and will not allow the strains to exaggerate and turn into major and costly replacement/repair problems.

Timely maintenance of the air conditioning unit is necessary for saving cost and for having complete peace of mind during the whole of summers. Compared to the cost that air conditioning unit owners bear toward malfunction and part replacement, the maintenance services cost quite low.