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Air Conditioner Repair – Tips to Conserve Energy in Plano, TX 3/29/2019

While the summers are long in America, you also have ample of opportunities for running, using, and maintaining your air conditioners in a more cost-effective manner. The machines may not last forever, but with regular maintenance, you can get the most out of your investment and prevent a replacement for the longest time period. The tips given below will not only help you save cost, but will also reduce your carbon footprint and will provide for a more hygienic living atmosphere and surroundings. A leading service for AC repair in Plano can also offer you the best advice for increasing the life of your air conditioning unit and for lowering the cost associated within.

Professional Annual Maintenance and Service

It is important that annual maintenance and service for the air conditioner is carried out each year in the specified month. The expert and professional services for HVAC and AC repair in Plano inspect the major components of the air conditioner including compressors, coils, fins, thermostat, and refrigerant among others. They also review the condition of minor components including the capacitors and air filters. The experts tune up the machine, overhaul the air conditioning system, lubricate the moving parts, and also replace the components that are worn off. With professional annual maintenance, you can use your air conditioner throughout the summer season with complete peace of mind, as the machine will not undergo a sudden breakdown. Timely maintenance also ensures that the costly components of the air conditioning and the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system do not face the strain that is caused by the ineffectiveness of smaller components. Maintenance will also make your machine last longer and you won't be requiring a replacement for up to 15 years.

Optimize the Thermostat

According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the thermostat should be ideally set at a temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the cases when the household has one or more inhabitants. In case there is nobody at the house, the temperature should be maintained at 85° Fahrenheit. This is the optimal positioning of the temperature, which will help you save cost while not interfering with the comfort provided by the air conditioner.

Change Air Filter

Depending on the usage and other conditions, the air filter change for an air conditioner is necessary after every 2 to 12 months. If dirt, grime, and other particulate accumulate on the filter, the air flow will be restricted and hence the compressor will have to work harder. This may render the costly component ineffective before its life is over, and will also cause an increase in energy bills. The air filters cost very less but changing them in time can help reduce a huge amount of expenditures.

Clean the Dirt and Debris

It is important that the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is kept in a clean place. dirt, grime leaves etc. should be clean. any biological matter should also be cleaned as it decomposes and results in the growth of pathogens that cause and a number of diseases.

Invest in A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is one of the best ways to save on costs while using the air conditioners and HVAC systems. The thermostat can modulate the air flow and will prevent an expensive and unwanted consumption of energy, which occurs when the air conditioner gives the same amount of cooling in all the conditions. Also, if you have an HVAC system, you can use the “zoning” system feature to optimize airflow and in the separate rooms and save electricity.

Caring for The Registers

Registers (the grills having the moving parts that can direct the airflow) are also important components of the air conditioning and HVAC units. Do not stack any material like boxes etc. on the top of registers and also refrain from moving any furniture over them. This way there will be no blockage to the airflow and the conditioner will be able to utilize the electricity in the best possible manner.

Apart from AC repair in Plano and its timely maintenance, you can also save cost in other ways as well. You can control the use of other electronic gadgets, equipment, and lighting in your home to prevent consumption of excessive electricity. For instance, you can set the temperature of the thermostat of your water heater at 120° Fahrenheit, can switch off the electrical appliances (including the televisions, fans, and lights) when not in use, keep the dishwasher and dryer clean, and restrict/facilitate the sunlight flow into your home according to the environmental conditions for saving more electricity.