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Five Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips 3/05/2019 An air conditioner is one of the important electronic unit installed in your home which helps you stay cool and composed in the hot summers. Regular maintenance of an air conditioner is very important for the effective operation of your AC unit. Negligence in terms of the service and cleanup of your air conditioner maintenance not only deprives you of the cooling capacity of the air conditioner but the same damages the quality of the unit as well. Thus, before the season hits up the ground, make sure to follow these easy air conditioner maintenance tips:
  1. Clean or change the air filters:
One of the most important air conditioner maintenance tips is the cleaning of the air filters. Air filters improve the efficiency of the air coming out from the unit and make it cleaner for you. You must clean the air filters of your unit regularly during its servicing to make sure that the air is filtered well whenever you use the air conditioner. If the filters are too old, it is always recommended to replace them with the new ones. An old and dilapidated air filter degrades the quality of air.
  1. Fix the air leaks:
Ducts can lose up to 25 percent of the air flow via the leaks and all the window AC units are very tough to seal it properly. If your air conditioner has any leak in it, it is the time you fix the leak at the earliest, otherwise, it will damage your entire unit. Use the smoke trick to find out the leaks and call an expert to fix the same upon spotting the leak. A foil tape is generally used to seal the small gap. For the larger gaps, duct mastic serves as the solution during the air conditioner maintenance.
  1. Clean the coils:
Another important step during the air conditioner maintenance is cleaning the coils of the unit. The evaporator of the air conditioner and the condenser coil often collect a lot of dust over time, thereby degrading the quality of air. This also reduces the ability of the unit to absorb heat. Thus, it is very important to get the coils cleaned regularly. Check with the expert service to serve the purpose.
  1. Check for the wiring and components:
Checking for the wiring and components of the air conditioner before actually turning it on for long-term use is also very important so as to maintain the safety of its use. Before working on the unit, make sure to turn off the power and check for all the wirings. Remove the access panel on to the condensing unit and see if there is any sign of overheating. If you see melted insulation on the wires or burned wires, it’s time to call the AC repair service.
  1. Clean the outside unit:
One of the most neglected air conditioner maintenance tips is cleaning the outside unit. A number of people ignore cleaning the outside unit of the air conditioner which further creates a lot of fuss with the inside operation of the unit. Thus, you must always make sure to not only clean your air conditioner internally but externally as well. Make sure to pull out the debris, dirt, grass clippings or leaves that have built on the AC over time. It is always recommended to seek an expert’s help with air conditioner maintenance. Maintenance of your air conditioner should be done annually.