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4 Signs That Indicate a Broken Air Conditioner 2/22/2019 An air conditioner is the need of the hour in the summer season, especially when the scorching sun emits the heat which is hard to bear. Air conditioner hence comes forth as a respite and saves you from such unbearable heat. Switching your air conditioner on and not feeling any sort of change in the temperature of the room only adds insults to injury. It could be more distressing if it happens on a summer day which is very hot. You certainly don’t wish to experience the kind of situation where the air conditioner stops functioning and puts you in a lot of stress. To avoid such situation, it is very important that you pay attention to all the signs that an air conditioner gives you and indicates that it needs immediate repair. According to AC repair Plano, following are the four signs of a broken air conditioner:
  1. Your air conditioner begins to emit foul odor:
Very foul and pungent smells coming out from your air conditioner vents is surely a frustrating affair. However, it is not just a frustrating state, but a signal that your air conditioner is broken and requires an immediate fixation. If the smell is very musty, there are chances that mold or mildew have grown inside the unit. Bad odors are also a result of the burned wires.   
  1. Your air conditioner runs loudly:
One of the most important signs that your air conditioner might be broken is that your air conditioner starts to run louder than before. Thus, if you hear any sort of abnormal or unusual clattering, grinding or even squeaking noises, you must call for AC repair Plano to get the problem fixed at the earliest.
  1. The air conditioner is not emitting enough cool air:
The third warning sign which indicates that your air conditioner needs immediate repair is when your air conditioner fails to emit enough cool air even when the temperature set by you is the lowest. Weak airflow in the AC could be because of a number of reasons – clogging of the AC filter is one of them. This also suggests that you might be having issues with the compressor or the blower of the air conditioner. It is always suggested to seek immediate repair to keep the problem away.
  1. Leakage or liquid around the air conditioner unit:
Any kind of leakage around the air conditioner unit is another sign that your air conditioner is broken and it needs a quick repair. Liquid on or around your air conditioner is considered to be a reason for many big internal issues in your unit. If the liquid is water, then the unit might be facing trouble in getting rid of condensation. This could hinder the overall performance of your air conditioner. The leak, in some cases, could also be a coolant and this may pose a threat to the pets or children in your house. In both these situations, it is always suggested to seek expert help like AC repair Plano. An air conditioner is the most important need of the summer season. Thus, before the summers knock your door, it is always suggested to get your air conditioner serviced so that you do not face any kind of problem when the heat plays on the peak. Always seek the help of a professional in terms of cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioners.