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6 Reasons To Consider a Geothermal Heat System for Your Dallas Home 1/30/2019 A Geothermal heat system or pump uses the heat from the ground or Earth for warming the home interiors. The system can also use earth as a heat sink and transfer the excessive heat in your home interiors to it during summers. During the winters, the geothermal heat system may derive the energy from the upper layers or crust of the earth and transfer it subsequently to your home interiors. The essential components of the geothermal heat system and pump include the refrigerant, and the vapor compression refrigeration system, among others. While a geothermal heat pump may also draw or exchange energy with air as well, the ground heat systems are more energy efficient. This is so because the temperature of the earth or ground is more even during the various seasons and months of the year in comparison to air. The new innovation in the form of geothermal heating and cooling system can be a viable and highly cost-effective option for your home in Dallas. Here are 5 reasons to choose the same and to contact a leading heating service in Dallas to acquire it.
  1. Cost effective in the long run
While the initial installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system may be costly, the cost is totally recovered in a period of around 3 to 7 years. In the long run, these systems cause substantially lesser expenditures when compared to the traditional heating and air conditioning systems.
  1. The best energy efficiency
It is normal for the geothermal heating systems to provide to you excellent energy efficiency to up to 300 to 400 percent. These systems can produce 4 units of heat by consuming only one unit of electricity, which is unimaginable for the traditional, existing and current HV AC and heating systems.
  1. Water heating at no additional cost
On the wishes of the customer, the geothermal heating system may also include a desuperheater in the Geothermal system that can divert the excess heat produced by the system towards heating of water. Warm and heated water may be required for many different purposes in your home and hence the system provides for saving of the costs as well.
  1. Excellent longevity
While your air conditioning or HVAC system may last only for 10 years the geothermal systems last for 20 years at least and are also guaranteed for the same. You may also get a guarantee of up to 50 years, as provided by a heating service in Dallas, for some of the components of this system including the loop pipes.
  1. Environment-friendly
As the geothermal heating systems use the geological energy forms, such as those derived from air or Earth, no fossil fuels are used towards their operation and no coal needs to be burnt. These systems also do not emit any harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide or mono-oxide and do not cause any load on the local power grid. The new innovation is a boon for the environment and provides for clean and pollution free air.
  1. Lesser energy bills
You can expect a reduction of up to 50 percent in your energy bills when you install a geothermal heat system in your home. The energy saving results in substantial savings of money over a period of time. There are also other perks associated with the geothermal heat systems in the form of state, federal and utility tax credits. Therefore you stand to gain substantially when you get the geothermal heat system installed in your home, and also chose an environment-friendly option of heating and cooling.