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5 Reasons Your AC May Not Work on Top Capacity 10/05/2018

Summers are hot and it is only your air conditioner which comes to rescue and beats the hot summer evening, thereby keeping you cool and comfortable. The mechanism of an air conditioner is simple – it improves the quality of the air for you and gives out the most desired cool breeze during the scorching summers. However, do you know that most of the air conditioners fail to perform their best owing to their overall quality? According to a study published by the National Institute of Standards, a typical central air conditioning system installed throughout the cities of the US under performs itself and works 65 percent or less than its rated capacity. Thus, services like AC repair Dallas come forth to treat the situation.

The AC systems in the most of the US homes are built and designed by the contractors. These systems are made up of a number of components, all of which work together to bring out the results for you. There exists a condenser, furnace or air handler, evaporator coil, ducts or airflow system as well as filter which are further correctly installed into your new high-efficiency AC equipment such that all of them properly in order to cool your space and achieve the best performance as expected. But since your system is custom built, some nuances might crop up and contribute to ill performance of the air conditioner. The problem could be solved by any AC repair Dallas and your system could function smooth. The following are the 5 reasons that you AC might not work properly.

  1. The system isn’t sized properly for your home:
Sometimes, the system could be too small for your home. In all the other cases, the system could be too big as well. The imperfect size of the system always creates a problem in the smooth functioning.
  1. Improper charging of the refrigerant.
Any equipment charge which is off by 10 percent might have an impact of 20 percent, sometimes more in terms of performance of the air conditioner. The charging of refrigerant always serves as a complex matter and the installers of air conditioners always prefer to save their time, which is very risky and can cost you a bomb on the further events.  
  1. Incorrect speed of the fan:
In most of the systems, the speed of the fan is always set high. Thus, if the speed is not adjusted enough to match the needs of all other installed equipment, the system turns out to outrun itself, thereby making extra noise and using more electricity than required. Thus, setting the right speed of the fan is very important.  
  1. Airflow systems fail to meet the requirements of the home:
The duct system or airflow system of the house should always be designed in such a way that it could meet all the needs and requirements of the installed equipment. If these systems aren’t designed properly, the AC equipment could damage itself and eventually it wouldn’t be able to perform as expected.  
  1. Air duct leakage:
Lastly, air duct leakage is another problems which intrudes with the smooth functioning of your air conditioner. If the duct systems aren’t sealed properly, it could lose more than 25 percent of the total air, thereby undermining performance of the air conditioner. Take care of these small details and your air conditioning system would never create a hassle.