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7 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Sounds Funny 10/03/2018 Many times the air conditioner starts to make funny sounds and we ignore it until the high decibels begin to interfere with our sound sleep and until then, the damage reaches an irreparable stage. We must call for air conditioner repair as soon as we hear noises coming out of the air conditioner unit. Listed below are the common sounds that an AC makes. Hear them as each one of them denotes an underlying problem.
  • Buzzing and Humming
If you hear buzzing sound coming out of your outdoor unit, you must check for loose parts. The sound could also be a result of unbalanced fan blades, debris, or an unclean condenser coil. If the buzzing or humming sound is in conjunction with the absence of cooling, then you must call for a repair service to check the refrigerant leak.
  • Bubbling or Gurgling
If you hear a bubbling or gurgling sound, it hints towards the problem with condensate drain line or refrigerant leak. Call an expert to check the drain line or refrigerant leak.
  • Knocking, Clanging or Banging
Knocking, clanging or banging noises from the outdoor unit comes out when the fan hits the debris or if it comes loose from the mount. A banging sound could also be due to a loose or broken part inside the AC compressor. An unbalanced indoor blower could also generate the similar sound.
  • Clicking
A clicking noise could either be due to an issue with the compressor, thermostat or capacitor. If the outside AC doesn’t turn on and you hear clicking, it is due to an electrical issue with the compressor, capacitor, or thermostat. If the unit turns on and the clicking noise continues, it could be due to a failing thermostat. If you hear faster clicks, it could be an obstruction in the fan.
  • Screeching or Shrieking
The most annoying noise coming from the air conditioner is a screeching or shrieking sound. If the noise persists until you shut down the air conditioner, it could be a symptom of failed fan motor bearings. Call an expert to replace the fan motor.
  • Squealing
A squealing noise from the inside unit hints towards a problem with motor or blower wheel and housing or may be due to mal-aligned or failing fan belt. If there is a problem with the fan belt, you will hear the noise comes and goes in accordance with the expanding and contracting as per the temperature and humidity level. You can run the AC but if you keep ignoring the issue, the belt could break.
  • High-Pitched Hissing or Screaming
High-pitched hissing and screaming sound could be due to refrigerant leak or a high-pressure build-up in the compressor. This is a very serious issue and hence, you must call for air conditioner repair service on the very first instance of hearing the sound. Do not run your AC until the service comes and fix the system. Ideally, an AC should have a switch that turns the AC down in the case of high-pressure build-up. But do not rely on it. If you hear a screaming or hissing sound for 10 to 15 seconds when the outside air conditioner turns on first, turn of the AC and call for help. Stay alert, keep an ear on the noises and you can prevent serious problems arising in your air conditioner system.