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Five Things To Check Before Calling An Air Conditioning Repair Contractor 9/28/2018 As soon as summer arrives, calling the AC repair contractor becomes a common norm in every household. But sometimes, you can do several things yourself effectively. Many times the air system could not keep the home cool and we keep waiting for the air conditioner repair service to arrive. But, if we check a few things ourselves, we might not need the help of the repair service. If you face any trouble with the air conditioner system, before calling the repair service, check the following mentioned things. Here they are:
  • Check The Air Filter
Before you dial the number of your air conditioner repair service, it would be good to check the air filter yourself. The air filter does not just keeps the air conditioner system clean but it is also responsible for keeping the air in the room clean. The air filter fails to operate in the absence of proper air flow. In the case of restricted air flow, it could not keep the system and the air clean leading to a complete system failure. Calling for an AC service to repair the air filter can fall very heavy on your pocket and hence, it is always advisable to keep the air filter clean. Check the filter thoroughly. If you smell any foul odor, clean the filter first or replace if it is necessary. Make it a norm to clean your AC filters before using them in summer.
  • Check the Presence of Any Blockage in the AC Condenser Unit
The condenser unit generally becomes the breeding ground for debris. As the condenser unit is installed outside, dust and debris accumulation is just normal. Check the consider unit and if something is obstructing the air flow, clean it thoroughly. Properly check the condenser coils and clean them to ensure proper cooling.
  • Check the Fuse Box Or the Breaker Panel
If your AC is not working at all, you must check the fuse box. Maybe there is no power supply. Check the circuit breaker switch, if it is its correct position, put it off and then put it on again. This will reset it and you Ac will start operating. If this trick plays no good, find out the emergency cut-off switch. If it is turned off, turn it on again.
  • Check the Thermostat Settings of your air conditioner system
Before you rope in the AC repair contractor, check the thermostat settings. The fan should automatically turn on by default whenever you turn on the AC. Set your system on cooling. Check the temperature settings. The temperature settings should always be lower than the room temperature.
  • Check for the Blockage of the Return Grill
Air conditioner system works effectively only if some air continuously flows out of the room. The air flows out through the return grill and if the grill is blocked, the air gets trapped and you sweat even if the AC is on. You need to give a clear passage to air to flow out of the room. You must check the return grills and keep them clean. If there is an obstruction, remove it. Also, you must not block the return grill with any furniture or something. Keep them some inches away from the grill to ensure the hot air escapes keeping the inside cool.