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7 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner 6/30/2018 Air conditioners offer solace in the killing summers. Every household uses the air conditioner to its full capacity to get respite from the heat. This takes a toll on the shelf life of the AC. Overuse of the air conditioning systems reduce their life but you can easily extend the life of your air conditioner and use it unstoppable. Here are the 7 easy ways to extend the life of your air conditioner.
  • Keep them clean
Regular cleaning is a sure shot way of enhancing the shelf life on an air conditioner. The outdoor unit is the most vulnerable part of the air conditioner. It becomes a hub for dust deposition and if neglected, the debris, dust particles, etc keep on accumulating and hinder the system. If you keep the system clean, your air conditioner will offer excellent service without breaking down. Also, you would save a lot of money that would otherwise go into air conditioner repair.
  • Turn them off for sometime
Summers take a toll on the air conditioning systems. In many households, the air conditioners run unstoppable. This is a major reason why the air conditioners blow up more in the hot season of summer. To avoid this from happening, you must allow your air conditioning system to take a rest for a while. Turn it off while you are leaving home.
  • Keep the ducts clean
Ducts are also very susceptible to damage due to the accumulation of debris. Dirt and debris block the air flow inside the home. Keeping the ducts clean ensures a proper air flow. Clean ducts also enhance the air quality. Cleaning the ducts at least once a year extends the life of an air conditioner.
  • Establish proper air circulation
Any obstruction in the airflow will not allow for proper cooling inside your home. Plus, it will also hinder the functioning of your air conditioner. If there is any obstruction in the air vents, you must clear it. Free air circulation inside the home enhances the shelf life of the air conditioner system.
  • Clean the inner coil
If your home feels hot even when the air conditioner is on, then you must check the inner coil of the AC. The inner coil is another hub for dirt stockpiling. Call a good air conditioner repair service and get the inner coil cleaned. This will ensure proper cooling and a good shelf-life of your air conditioner system.
  • Check the leaks
Leakage in the ducts of the air conditioner systems is another reason for system flare-ups and breakdowns. You must call an expert technician and get your air conditioner checked for duct leaks at least once in a year.
  • Change the filters
The filters of the air conditioner systems often get clogged degrading the efficiency of the system. Changing the filters from time to time ensures proper cooling and an increased life of the air conditioner system. If you keep these seven things in mind, you would never have to worry about system break-downs. They improve the efficiency of the system and extend the life of the AC.