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6 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs 6/28/2018 Is your air conditioning system making too much noise? Does your system fail to cool down the home in spite of running 24X7? Perhaps you need an AC repair. Here we are sharing with you the six signs that tell that your air conditioner needs repair. Take a look.
  • Cool air stops coming from the vents
The basic application of an air conditioning system is to cool the home and if your system isn’t throwing cool air from the vents, you must call a technician for AC repair. The reason could be anything; failed compressor, inadequate airflow, etc.  A good technician would be able to diagnose the correct cause of poor cooling.
  • Problems with thermostat
If one part of your house is cool while the other part is terribly hot, it indicates the problem with the thermostat. Any issue with the thermostat arrests the proper and uniform cooling inside the home.
  • Inadequate airflow
If the air conditioner vents fail to blow cool air, it is the time to rope in an expert technician. When the compressor fails to work, the air flow through the vents is hindered. However, this is not the only reason for the improper airflow. Any issue with the AC ducts also contributes in inadequate air flow. The blockages in ducts also prevent the uniform flow of cool air. You must urgently call the AC repair service and get your AC system checked.
  • Leakages
Leakage near the air conditioning system can cause serious troubles. They not just keep proper cooling at bay but also pose serious health issues. Refrigerant leakages can take a toll on the health and well-being of the family. It must be countered immediately. Leaks in the drain tubes can cause improper cooling. However, it is not a serious issue but must be countered to avoid mold growth. Leakages can be diagnosed by water pooling near the air conditioner.
  • Strange smell coming out from the AC
Strange smells coming out of the air conditioners also hint towards a need of AC repair. The smells could be due to various reasons. Foul smells coming out from your air conditioners could be due to burnt wire insulation. It can emit a pungent smell. Presence of musty smell hints towards the invasion of molds either inside the AC unit or in the ductwork.
  • Loud sounds coming out from the AC
Another sign that tells that your air conditioner needs a repair is the presence of weird sounds in the AC. You might need to replace the unit if your AC makes grating or grinding sounds. It denotes urgency because, in the absence of repair, the unit could break down. Different sounds indicate different problems. Grounding sound hints towards a broken bearing whereas squealing sound denotes a dislodged belt or lack of lubrication. If your system is having any of these issues, you must call for help as soon as possible because any delay could fall very heavy on your pocket.