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Another Five Reasons Your Window Air Conditioner is Too Noisy 6/26/2018 Window air conditioners make some noise but when they start to make a lot of noise, it is a red alert. Too noisy window air conditioners indicate a problem with the system. If your window air conditioner is making a lot of noise, it might be due to any of the five reasons mentioned in the article. Keep reading to know the five reasons your window air conditioner is too noisy.
  • Distorted blades of the fan
Bent or distorted blades of the fan inside the window AC makes a lot of noise. If your air conditioner is making annoying noises, you must check if the blades of the fan are alright. If they are distorted, you must straighten them. You need not call a technician for help as you can do it with hands or with the help of pliers.
  • Foreign objects inside the air conditioner
Any foreign object intruding inside the air conditioner can be a reason behind the annoying noise. Many times debris or even small animals get inside the air conditioner. These make a lot of noise. If the AC is making noise, you must switch off the AC and check for the foreign bodies inside the air conditioner. If present, remove it and your air conditioner will stop making the noise.
  • Vibrating window frame
The heavy window air conditioner units have many moving parts. The unit is installed in the window frames. Mounting them needs a lot of expertise and if the unit is not mounted properly, the frame makes a lot of noise due to vibrations. If the vibrations are too high, you must call the technicians who mounted the AC unit. Proper mounting does not cause any vibrations.
  • Loose grill
If the front grill of the air conditioner is loose, it tends to cause a lot of vibration and hence, noise. Generally, people remove the front grill to clean the filter of the air conditioner. But, they fail to secure the grill in place. Loosely fixed front grills cause a lot of vibrations and very loud noise. If your air conditioner is making noise, just remove the front grill and secure it back in the correct place.  In case the locking mechanism of the grill is faulty, you might need to call the professional air conditioner repair service to replace the locking mechanism.
  • No lubrication
The fan motor needs proper lubrication to function properly. If there is no lubrication, the fan motor makes a loud noise. Lubricating the motor also keeps the wear and tear of the motor at bay. You would need to call the air conditioner repair service as the fan motor is sealed inside the air conditioner. These the most common reasons behind the noisy window air conditioners. If your window air conditioner is bothering you with a lot of noise, you must rope in the best air conditioner repair service to diagnose the root cause of the noise and repair it.