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Which is Better: Central Air Conditioning or Window Air Conditioners? 4/04/2018

Air conditioning can be defined the method of altering the properties like temperature and humidity of the air, hence making it more favorable for comfortable living. The control of these conditions may be desirable to maintain health and comfort of the occupants or to meet the requirements of the industrial processes irrespective of the external climatic conditions. There are four types of air conditioner available in the market:

  1. Window Air Conditioner – Window Air Conditioner comprises a single unit which is specifically designed to cool a small room or area. This system is installed in the window of a room.
  2. Split Air Conditioner – Split Air Conditioner comprises of two parts, the outdoor unit having a compressor, condenser and expansion valve. And the indoor unit comprising of the evaporator coil and cooling fan. This unit is also meant for small rooms or offices.
  3. Packaged Air Conditioner – Packaged Air Conditioner is perfect for cooling large rooms or office area. The packaged air conditioner is connected to the indoor air supply and consists of a single cabinet, usually placed on the roof.
  4. Central Air Conditioner – Central Air Conditioner is the system primarily used to cool large houses, buildings, hotels, malls, entire factories. It is comprised of a big compressor with the ability to produce hundreds of tons of cool air, supplied through ducts.

But if we have to decide between installing central air condition or buying a unit that could fit in a window of a room, the two most important things to consider is the size of the area we have to cool and the size of the budget.

Budget plays an eminent role:

If we look into this whole scenario budget wise, before installing a central air conditioner you should hire a HVAC professional who would plan out how big system is needed and how it has to be installed but in case of window air conditioner you just have to calculate the area of the room and then any retail outlet personnel can tell you how big unit is needed. Cool air in a central air conditioner is passed through ducts nothing like this is needed in window air conditioner. Central air conditioner generates high energy bills but if you will compare this on the basis that how many window air conditioner units would be needed to cool the same amount of air, then the operating charges would be comparatively low.

Easy Installation wise:

If you look in the ease of installation, central air conditioner needs a big roof or a yard area to be installed whereas window air conditioner can be set in any slot in the wall and the only thing to be kept in mind is that there should be some open space behind that wall. Installation of the central air conditioner will take many days of planning and implementation, whereas window air conditioner can be installed in few hours.

In terms of better cooling, central air conditioner cools your entire home or office and keeps the temperature consistent in every corner in comparison to window air conditioner, where the area near to the unit are far much cooler than the area in the opposite side or in the corners.