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Should You Buy a Portable or Window Air Conditioner? 4/02/2018

As the temperature starts to rise, most people nowadays tend to rely on air conditioning units to keep their offices and homes at a comfortable temperature. There are varieties of brands available in the market but first, you should decide what kind of air conditioner you should use. If you are going to rooms or small offices then the options available are:

  1. Window Air conditioner –

    Window air conditioner is one of the most commonly used and cheapest type of air conditioner. It consists of the single unit which can be installed in a window having open space.

  2. Split Air conditioner –

    Split air conditioner consists of two parts indoor and outdoor unit, where outdoor unit is fitted outside the house but there is no need for a window for the indoor unit.

  3. Portable Air conditioner

    Portable air conditioner is the next generation of window units. This type of unit take hot air from room converts into cool air and exhaust hot air through a hose. And as the name suggests it is portable as the unit has wheels and can be set in any room near a window.

Design that accommodates:

If we talk about portable air conditioner and how it is different in design from a window air conditioner, the only thing comes is its flexibility as it can be set anywhere in the house according to your need and only thing that matters is it should be in close proximity of a window (irrespective of window size) for exhaust hose. But window air conditioner installation needs a specific size of the window and in terms of flexibility, it stays in the room where it has been installed and literally takes over the window.

Easy to install:

If we look at both units installation wise, the portable air conditioner is easy to install as they come with an installation kit which is user-friendly but in case of window air conditioner you need a proper technician for its installation.

Window air conditioner uses energy more efficiently than the portable air conditioner. This may be because portable units have the single hose to exhaust hot air room outside, meaning that the unit is using some air room to cool off the condenser and being blown outside. Literally meaning, you are using some of the room air you just cooled to reduce the temperature of the refrigerant and throwing it away, which is terribly inefficient compared to any window unit. And another thing is that when cool air of the room is thrown outside then to cover that vacuum some hot air outside is seeping in.

A user of window unit never worries about condensation, but in case of the portable air conditioner, water from the room air when condenses on evaporator coils must be collected on a disposal tray as the unit is kept inside the house. And this disposal tray should be emptied at regular intervals otherwise your floor would get soaked.

Portable and window units are equally noisy, but the noise level also depends on the manufacturer and model of the unit. So the decibel rating of a unit should be considered before buying.