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How To Make Your Air Conditioner Work More Efficiently? 3/28/2018

As the summertime approaches everyone tries to find ways to keep themselves cool effectively and economically. If we talk about an average household, cooling bills account for the big portion of monthly expenses. And then the right combination of technology and knowledge is needed to increase AC efficiency so that to get most of this system while having a check on your expenses. So some AC efficiency tips are:

Tip #1 – Always carry scheduled maintenance checkup of the air conditioner unit to ensure its optimum performance, as any failure in doing so will affect the efficiency of the unit resulting in system breakdown. A professional service technician can identify any problem and fix them before they lead to a breakdown.

Tip #2 – In warm weather utilizing the ceiling fans to circulate the cool air through every corner of the house, helps in putting less load on the air conditioner, and increasing its efficiency and saving energy bills also as the fan is much more economical than AC unit.

Tip #3 – Curtains and blinds should be kept closed during daytime especially the ones that are facing east and west as sun’s direct rays reduce the amount of effort your air conditioner is putting in to keeping your house cool. But if you don’t want to obstruct the natural light, you can use solar shade screens which let pass the light without the heat.

Tip #4 – Adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner by few degrees (up or down) for different times of the day, doing so as decreases the power load on the AC unit.

Tip #5 – Air filter of the air conditioner should be checked periodically and if needed should be changed with a new one, as the AC unit will have to work hard to circulate the same amount of cool air through a dirty filter, affecting the efficiency of the unit.

Tip #6 – It has to be made sure that the outer unit of the air conditioner is shaded by some natural means like overhead trees, if not then some sort of cover to be installed so as to block the sun’s heat, as the air in shaded space is cooler than the surrounding air which will result in increasing the cooling efficiency of the AC unit.

Tip #7 – Keeping a check on the area, where the air conditioner is installed for any kind of air leaks and if there are, to insulate them. As in absence of proper insulation temperature of that particular area would be hard to maintain, putting a lot of load on AC unit.

Tip #8 – Keep the surrounding of the outdoor unit clean of debris, plants, branches, and shrubs ensuring the adequate airflow around the unit needed for proper working.

Tip #9 – Try not to run heat-producing appliances (dishwasher, clothes dryer) when an air conditioner is running at high temperature (peak hours). And try to complete these daily chores early morning or in the evening when the outer temperature is comparatively low, putting less load on the unit.

Increasing AC efficiency depends on the way you maintain it. Regular maintenance not only adds to its efficient working but also diminishes the chances of sudden breakdown.