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How The Wrong Air Filter Affects Your Home? 3/27/2018

Air filters are the devices used to clean heavy particles from the air which in general are harmful to the human health if inhaled. These heavy particles can be dust, pollen, powder, fiber, mold, and germs which are present in the air circulating in your home. To achieve the breathable level of air, air filter cleans the air using physical or chemical process. Some popular types of air filters used are, High-Efficiency Particulate Absorption (HEPA) air filter, Ionizer air filter, Activated Charcoal air filter, Germicidal Ultra Violet air filter, Ozone Generator air filter, Portable air filter.

Regular Maintenance:

If we talk about air filter in air conditioning it is relatively a simple part. As in terms of price, air filter costs very little and replacement of it is really simple, and in many air conditioner, you don’t need a technical person for cleaning or changing of the air filter. Therefore you should never ignore regular maintenance of air filter as a faulty one could end up costing you much time of its value.

You should always keep an eye on the air filter you are opting as your one wrong decision can affect you in many ways. One of the basic jobs of an air filter is to keep your personal health in check, as the contaminants in your air can have a detrimental effect on the respiratory system. One of the best examples is the person who does not have any kind of allergy would sneeze when a cloud of dust arises, as these pollutants cause irritation on daily basis. Wrong air filter decreases the efficiency by allowing the particles out of the AC system and making them free to move throughout the house until someone breathes them in, causing inflammation in the respiratory system resulting in discomfort with symptoms of sneezing and runny nose.

Effects of non-maintenance:

In addition to irritation, these pollutants in the air can set off or worsen any pre-existing condition. Studies have shown that small children are more likely to develop asthma problems if they live in an environment with the higher amount of mold in the air. It is not practical to say that we can get rid of every mold spore present in the air, but certainly, we can take measures to reduce the number to protect the family health. For proper safekeeping and reducing the risk, you should keep a check on mold growth in the house and a proper air filter system.

Other than health issue a non-suitable air filter would make an AC system to work harder in drawing air, and leaving it with less energy for cooling and distribution of that air. It may not sound a very big deal but the reduction in efficiency of a unit means that it would not be able to keep the temperatures down in really hot days, resulting in sweatiness and discomfort for you. And as the AC unit has to overwork to perform it can fail drastically resulting in expensive repairs, leaving your family without the comfort of AC during that time period.