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How Do I Increase My HVAC Efficiency? 2/22/2018 Most of the household energy is consumed in heating and cooling the house. You need to increase the efficiency of HVAC system to reduce energy consumption and bills. There are various ways by which you can have HVAC efficient system in your home. Extend the life and efficiency of your HVAC unit by following the below options.
  1. Installation of an economizer – This is one of the lowest cost solutions. The air outside the building is generally cooler than the air inside. So, the economizer uses the cool air outside and you can stop using mechanical machines like AC to cool your home. This will help in saving a lot of energy cost.
  2. Plant more trees – Trees is a natural way to maintain the temperature of your house in winters and also in summers. If you plant trees in the east and west direction of your house, they will be a great addition to your HVAC system. Trees provide shade to the house during summers by blocking sunlight and your AC will not be overloaded. When the leaves fall off the sunlight keeps your house warm during winters.
  3. Proper insulation – Improper insulation affects your HVAC system as it lets the heat escape from the house. You should seal and cover your roof, windows, ducts or pipes. Also, you should regularly keep a check on these as it may wear out. The HVAC efficient system will work properly with proper insulation.
  4. Regular maintenance – To increase the efficiency of the HVAC system regular check of the system should be done. Check for any leaks or wear and tear of any parts for proper functioning of the system. It also reduces the chances of breakdown of the system.
  5. Change and clean the filters regularly – The dirt or debris on the furnace filters will block the proper flow of the air. Inspect the filter every month and get it changed whenever required. Proper maintenance will help the HVAC unit to function efficiently and smoothly. The dust makes your unit slow and leads to wastage of energy.
  6. Get a programmable thermostat – Instead of you setting the thermostat every day, a programmable thermostat automatically adjusts based on your schedule. Based on your schedule that is when you are sleeping or at work it will reduce the temperature. This will help you in saving a lot on energy cost.
  7. Install window film – A lot of heat penetrates through your window panes during summer. This makes your house even warmer. Window film is useful in blocking the sunlight. This reduces your AC overload. This will lead to a HVAC efficient system at your home.
  8. Replace with more efficient HVAC unit – If you have a really old system, get it replaced with a high efficiency unit. This will reduce the energy consumption at home. Getting newer version is one time investment but it will help you in saving a lot of money later on. Check for the STAR rating or SEER rating to have more efficient system.
Consider the above points to increase the efficiency of your HVAC unit.