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Heating System Mistakes Any Reliable AC Contractor Will Warn You About 2/21/2018 Everyone commits mistakes, but it should not be at the cost of money and comfort. You should be aware of the heating system mistakes as it is a necessity for your home in winters. Your AC contractor will warn you about some common mistakes and you should keep a note of that. We have listed down few common mistakes that you might commit and how to avoid it.
  1. Neglecting to get service – You should not forget to get the maintenance done even though you use it only during winters. Getting regular maintenance ensures that your heating system works efficiently and consumes less energy thus saves cost. Regular service will offset the negative effects of the mistakes that you make. It will also prevent your heater from breaking down and increase longevity. So get a routine maintenance done to keep your family comfortable.
  2. Leaving the heater switched on – Everyone want to come back to a warm and cozy home after work. People usually leave their heater running all day and this leads to a lot of wastage of money and energy. To prevent this you can get a programmable thermostat which will start your system at the exact time you want to switch it on. You can start the system when you are about to reach home or increase the temperature as per your convenience.
  3. Dialing-up the thermostat – This is one of the most common heating system mistake that people usually make. People think that cranking up the thermometer will heat the room faster but this is not true. In fact it increases your energy bill. It delays the system from turning off once the required temperature is reached. So have patience and let the room get heated with time.
  4. Forgetting to close the damper of fireplace – Lot of warm air escapes from your house if you forget to close the damper. This will defeat the purpose of having the heating system. Also, cold air enters your home through the same passage and it will take time for the unit to heat your house. You should get flue closed to avoid these problems. You should also get other areas of your house insulated as well like windows, doors, pipes etc. to evade these issues.
  5. Ignoring any odor or smell – If you get any smell especially smell similar to rotten egg, then you should not ignore it. This may be due to any leaks in the system. The furnace may release dangerous gas like carbon monoxide which may be harmful for your family. You should never ignore such situation and immediately call for emergency service center.
  6. Keeping your curtains closed – You should keep your curtains open during day to let the sunlight warm your home. During the night you should close the curtains to trap the heat inside your house. You should make full use of the free solar energy available to you.
By keeping in view these heating system mistakes you can save a lot of energy and improve the efficiency of your system. So, avoid these mistakes and keep your family comfortable.