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10 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill 2/19/2018 It is always better if you can save some money on your energy bill. We have some conventional methods for you by which you can easily save money on your heating bill. During winters it is necessary to heat you home to keep your family warm and protected. Do not let it hit hard on your pocket and follow these easy tricks and tips to save money. These 10 natural heating systems will help you to lower your heating bill.
  1. Use natural solar light – Sun light is free of cost so use it as a heating system. Keep your windows and curtains open in the morning which will heat your room naturally. Shut the windows and curtains at night to trap the heat inside.
  2. Put on layers – Keep yourself warm by wearing sweaters or using layers to cover. Instead of turning up the heat wear warm clothes. Wear socks to keep your feet warm because your body will feel cold if your feet are cold. Insulate the floor by adding a rug and use warm blankets to cover.
  3. Use a programmable thermostat – A programmable thermostat will help you in saving a considerable amount in your heating bill. It allows you to set the temperature ahead of time. When you are away from home or if you are sleeping you can lower the heat. Lowering the temperature of thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees will help in saving the energy.
  4. Keep your filter clean – Keep a check on the furnace filter and keep it clear and clean. Replace it whenever required as dirty filters will increase the heating cost. Proper maintenance of the furnace will help the heating unit to run smoothly. As dust and dirt clogs the filter which prevents the proper flow of air.
  5. Get proper insulation – Get a good insulation and don’t let the heat escape you house and block the cold outside. You can get cheap insulations done like foam weather stripping in your windows and doors.
  6. Trap the heat – Do not let the heat escape the house unnecessarily. Keep your windows and doors shut, keep the exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen off when the heat is on. Close the damper of your fireplace to prevent the heat from escaping.
  7. Use the fireplace – Use the traditional heating system to save money and light up the fireplace. Do not forget to close the flue afterwards to keep the air warm inside.
  8. Trap the heat generated in home – Lot of activities that you do generate heat like cooking, hot shower.
  9. Prevent any leaks – Use candle flame near doors or windows and check if the smoke is moving horizontally. If you spot it then it means that there is a leak. Duct the area to prevent the leak of warm air from inside.
  10. Add moisture to air – Humid air feels warmer as it holds heat better than dry air. Use house plants as it helps in keeping the air moist.
There are various other ways by which you can save heating bill like heat the room that you use, keeping the vents clear, cover your windows when it’s dark outside etc.