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5 Ways to Become More Energy Efficient with Your Heating System 2/16/2018 Having energy efficient heating system has lots of benefits like energy saving, cost saving, longevity of the heating system etc. So, why lose out such opportunities. Just follow the below five ways to get more efficient with your heating system. The primary focus for energy efficiency should be on home interiors like walls, doors, attic or windows and then you should think of improving your systems like appliances, unit, heating and cooling system. These five easy ways will help you in creating an energy efficient heating system at home.
  1. Improve your central heating system – Consider getting your boiler serviced once every year. Get all the necessary repairs and tests required routinely. You can also consider getting corrosion inhibitors as it helps against build-up of any scale or sludge in the system. It will prevent the heating system from deteriorating and increase efficiency. To keep the parts running properly switch on your boiler every day even if it is for 10 minutes. Do not waste any unnecessary energy and get a thermostatic radiator control. This will maintain the temperature of specific rooms as per your requirement.
  2. Insulate your home properly – In order to trap the heat in your home make sure that there is no leaks through walls, pipes, damper in fireplace, windows, roof or doors. Get double paned windows for your home so that the heat will be trapped in your home. This will be beneficial for getting efficient heating system as it reduces the load on your unit. The unit will take less time to heat your house if it is properly insulated. After getting the insulation done keep a routine check and fix any leaks which may occurs immediately.
  3. Replace and clean your furnace – If your furnace is old get it replaced as it takes consumes more energy. Get a power flush which is a clean-up process for your central heating system. This will make your system work efficiently like allowing the passage of water through pipes, boiler and radiators smoothly. Any dirt or dust on your furnace may hinder the efficiency of your system. It should be serviced and cleaned at regular interval, which will prevent any breakdown of your system.
  4. Improve efficiency from day to day work – You can save energy by efficiently doing some simple day to day work. Save some energy in your kitchen by cooking food which takes less time and trap the heat generated in your kitchen. You can also save a lot if you wash your clothes in cold water, also turn off any electrical devices when you are not using it. Whenever possible shut the drapes or curtains of windows and doors to trap the heat in your home.
  5. Getting a new heating system – A new HVAC system may cost you one time but in long run it will save money. Get a new system which is efficient in energy saving. Today’s advanced systems are efficient enough in saving a lot of energy.
Incorporate the above-mentioned points for the efficient working of your heating system.