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4 Ways to Save Money on Heating 1/23/2018

Isn’t it difficult to understand the HVAC industry (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unless you specialize in this arena? Heating systems are even more complicated and require a lot of heating maintenance.  But that does not mean that saving money on HVAC is hard too. Let us understand some ways which are easy and help us to save money. Some ways may require an investment initially but are a savior in the long run and cut down bills bit by bit.

Install Efficient Equipment

It is crucial that the Heating system installed in our homes is running efficiently. Heating maintenance is required for heating systems that are older than 5 years. The new heating system does not require maintenance but they need to be thoroughly checked. If the system is more than 15 years old they need to be replaced.  Efficient heating systems have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of about 90 or higher. It should be kept in mind that electric furnaces can still cost a lot to run regardless of fuel efficiency rating due to the higher cost of electricity.

Manage the use of hot water

The average water heater takes up to 25% of the energy bill every month. Water heating system is on 24*7 hence it is not a surprise. There is a default heat setting on most water heaters. By lowering the default setting by 2 percent helps in reducing the electricity consumption by 10 percent.  An even better way to save on heating system is an on-demand heating system by replacing the heating tank with an on-demand water heater. This will prove to be a solid long-term investment for any home.

Don’t Fluctuate Temperatures Too Much

In order to maintain a particular temperature, the adjustments need to be done too often. This actually wears down the heating system rather than saving energy. Also, it requires a lot of heating maintenance Rising and lowering of temperature too often as per wish tends to put a lot of pressure on the machine that is really not required. Increasing the temperature up higher won’t heat the home any sooner. It is advisable to use a Wi-Fi thermostat to keep temperatures steady for the day while programming a change by 5-10°F while you are away at work.

Switch to a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostat helps to keep the temperature under control to a great extent. The clear display and remote options make it easy to set a schedule from an application on your phone. It is also is easy to use. The Wi-Fi thermostats also give you clues where you are wasting energy and find out what temperatures are most efficient in your area or at certain times of the day. Best of all, you can change the thermostat settings when you’re away making it so much easier to save over time.

For all of us saving money on heating systems and heating, maintenance is not only crucial because it is our hard earned but also because saving energy is necessary for the future world. The more energy we consume today, the more quickly it will deplete for future generation.